I Picked You Up On My TV Screen: Call Me Cannon wanna share the mystery on Submission

With the remake of the classic Sex Pistols track from 1977, Call Me Cannon picks us up rather swiftly and takes us instantly into a Submission we won’t ever forget for centuries.

Call Me Cannon is a Los Angeles, California-based indie rock band who have a rigorous affection for their craft and perform like an outfit that deserves the big stages.

Impressing all listeners with something rather rollicking and loaded with powerfully induced dreamy brilliance, Call Me Cannon take us back to the heydays with their version of Submission. This is excellence personified and a reminder that music with substance is always worth listening to.

Submission from Los Angeles, California-based indie rock band Call Me Cannon is a rather intensely struck song which might bring many back to the classic days of music. Their sound is decisive and to the point, as they avoid cliches and just play from the heart.

On a rather special song to dig deeper into, this is a proper track to play loud to those who missed out on the rocking 70s.

Listen up to this timeless song on YouTube.

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