I Know Your Secrets: Sheffield heavy rollers Rosehill dominate all listeners on Shed Your Skin

Slicing through the speakers with a knife-like sharpness and endless energy, Rosehill might destroy many eardrums with ravenously bone-tingling aplomb on Shed Your Skin.

Rosehill is a Sheffield, UK-based indie melodic hardcore band who has a truly ear-splitting sound to be rather mesmerized by on each track.

Barging down the door and not bothering with any keys, Rosehill is such an impressive act and seems to wake up all sleepy souls. Their sound is loud but never too much and seems to blanket all previous anxiousness like a skilled doctor would. This is in your fact stuff, you see. Ferocious to the core and never on standby, we find a single to be truly inspired by.

Shed Your Skin from Sheffield, UK-based indie alternative melodic hardcore band Rosehill is a robust performance which might start a mosh pit no matter the weather. Taking our sweaty hands and joining as one, this is a heavy track to snack on mightily while it’s raining outside.

Listen up to this fine single on Spotify. See more news on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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