Ennio the Little Brother – 30 Juillet: A Relatable Soundscape of Welsh Dreamhop

Considering my all time favourite welsh artists the Manics have provided me with nothing but disappointment this year, it was time to find a new favourite Welsh artist. That artist just happens to be Ennio the Little Brother with his harmoniously sweet renditions of Dreamhop.

His succinct vocals create a more resonant soundscape that I found I could actually relate to. Your average Hip Hop fan isn’t a baller drinking Hennessey at the weekends, thankfully Ennio has provided us a track that us ordinary folk can get reminiscent about. The quintessentially acoustic soundscape he creates almost has a Joy Division Post-Punk chill behind the harmony. Whilst his soaring, sweet vocals take you on a journey with his latest debut track 30 Juillet. With a 5-minute duration the track is a little longer than average. Yet, with every second of the tracks seamless progression, your immersed within the pensive trappings of the melody.

You can check out 30 Juillet on Spotify

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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