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FEMUR – Misery Express: The lockdown-born No Wave track which perfectly emulates the proclivity of misery

Sheffield’s charismatically abrasive instigators of volatile Psychedelic No Wave, FEMUR, amped up the intensity and visceral fortitude of their sound with their latest release ‘Misery Express’, allowing me to finally experience something more disquieted than my own mind during lockdown 2.0.

With psychedelic melodicism acting as the glue which keeps the savagely caustic tapestry together, Misery Express pairs a tundra of rampantly thrashed over-driven guitars with creeping tones which allow you to sit in anticipation for the next monumental breakdown. It’s heavy enough to give the Berzerker a run for their money, all the while exuding an Avant-Garde noisy edge which has become synonymous with FEMUR’s sound.

The lockdown-born track perfectly emulates the proclivity of misery; the full-frontal scathing volition and those moments between where you’re able to catch a breath, but your mind is still dizzied by rage.

You can catch the official video on YouTube. Or you can listen via Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


Bluesy goodness with sunglasses on with Archie Baker’s ‘Holiday’

Archie Baker returns with another soulful gem with his latest visuals for ‘Holiday‘.

Archie Baker is a London-born, Sheffield-based alternative soul & blues musician. Having moved to Sheffield in 2016, Archie joined a popular soul and blues function band as a guitarist. Whilst playing weddings, summer balls and parties Archie found his niche as a vocalist and began to write his own music. With help from talented musicians around the scene, he developed a style of music suitable for his distinctive vocal style. This is a great story about an underdog who soon made his name and is now known throughout the music scene.

Archie’s music can be characterized by a strong blues and rock foundation with flourishes of funk and soul dusted throughout the sound – creating an eclectic and fresh flavor of modern soul & blues.

With a groovy start, this soon sets up to a the genre-ambiguous soul-fusion track with a thrilling afrobeat rhythm and a screaming jazzy sax solo that we were promised. Archie’s voice is so soulful and I love the mellow style that illuminates the video. This is some grown up music right here and would fit in perfectly in any country in the world that appreciates great music. The vibe is funky fresh and Archie’s band add so much to this fab track.

Archie Baker’s ‘Holiday‘ is the summer song we all needed as it is classy, gets you in the groove and shows us the huge talent of this fantastic artist based in Sheffield.

Here are the visuals for the YouTube channel.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Head to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Jupiter’s Beard plead for leaders on indie rock ‘Mr. Billionaire’

Stoke-On-Trent rockers Jupiter’s Beard are back with their new indie track that fires through the streets on ‘Mr. Billionaire‘.

From the backdrop of post-industrial struggle, Jupiter’s Beard have galvanized the youth in their home city of Stoke-on-Trent. Their close musical bond, formed during early school years, has driven Jupiter’s Beard to deliver a well-developed sound and artistic maturity that is so clear to see. They are ready for the big time. This is a band that rocks.

Mr. Billionaire‘ is a call for those with money to do better. We need good leaders at this time to see what is needed to fully help the UK. Right now, things are a mess and funding is needed to keep the music scene as healthy as possible. With fiery indie rock vocals that shines through, I love the rhythm of this new single from Jupiter’s Beard. They do their best to inspire the local community and are a band we can all get behind.

Stream here on Spotify to hear this fab track.

Click here for the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Laurie Vusolo’s returns with impatient story of an ”On and Off” relationship

Sheffield’s Laurie Vusolo is back with a new song and it’s a chilled track that reflects her current mood. ”On & Off” is all about love and what you are willing to do in order to keep the flame burning brightly. The UK has an abundance of incredible artists and once again we are treated to a simple yet beautiful song. This one hits straight to the heart if you have ever experienced the confusion of an on and off relationship- which can be so mentally taxing.

Sometimes your best efforts are not enough and the person you truly desire just doesn’t deserve your love as they are too stubborn to change. Or, are they are willing to make an effort?

With such a soulful voice, this soulful singer-songwriter takes us into her head with ”One & Off‘ and we find out more about her doubts but fascination with an on and off relationship. She knows the time is over and we are sitting on the outside of her apartment while she deals with these feelings. Laurie Vusolo is a wonderful talent. I love her voice and the calm manner in which she portrays her feeling with honest lyrics.

Stream more from this rising singer-songwriter with such soul on her Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Alska have dropped their latest single Matter Of Time

Four-piece band Alska has dropped ‘Matter Of Time’ nailing that Alternative Rock essence, but adding in many varieties of instrumentation to give it a more upbeat and funky sound, it’s a perfect combination.

There’s something about this quartet that hooks you in straight away, whether that’s the way they change up their style in a rather fast way through the compelling vocals. So many elements are coarse through this piece, making it such an intriguing song to listen to and one that shows a huge amount of potential.

Kicking it off with the riff on the guitar, as the deep melodic vocals begin having this gravelly tone to the voice, As the instrumentation begins to fade off into the distance, to really let the vocals shine. When a trumpet pierces through the song playing an uplifting tune, Throughout the beginning, middle and end there is always a use of a variety of instruments and the way this band switches it up so effortlessly is incredible.

Head on over to bandcamp now to check out Alska’s single Matter Of Time

Review by Karley Myall