Hong Kong’s The Royal Leisure drops dreamy debut track, ‘Everything’s Fine’

Reminiscing about past relationships and the confusing vagueness of our presumed happiness in this forget-quick time in humanity, The Royal Leisure shows us inside his creatively introspective mind with a sterling first release to take you far away from the numbing noise on, ‘Everything’s Fine‘.

Formed by Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter and music producer Horace Tam, The Royal Leisure is an indie-pop creation that is a catchy experience that shouldn’t be sneezed at.

Instead of an alias, Horace rather looks at The Royal Leisure as a parallel universe that gives people the time to reflect on themselves and their relationships with the world and everybody in there. It explores the sensibility of human interaction.” ~ The Royal Leisure

Soaring high with a fabulous ambience that takes you places you forgot existed, The Royal Leisure is quite superb with a performance that might stop you in your tracks and get you pointed back to where you really need to be headed.

Everything’s Fine‘ from Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter and music producer The Royal Leisure sends a warm glow to all of our hearts with a stunning performance of the highest quality imaginable. His vocals are honey-like and completely captivating, which has you in a dream-like state that has you thinking about more than is on the soul-crushing television. The soundscape on offer feels like an escape from this destructive reality, that can harm your innocence if you let it consume you.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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