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I See You: Mai Cohen recalls that fond memory transforms her mood on Somebody New

Realizing that you miss your ex is a striking moment in life. Mai Cohen takes us deep into her current picture that presently feels rather steamy and guaranteed to get the slow dance happening right now on Somebody New.

Mai Cohen is a Tel Aviv, Israel-based RnB/soul solo singer-songwriter who has been performing live since she was young and grew up in Hong Kong.

When she was 16, she participated on the second season of ‘The Voice – Israel’ and made it to the quarterfinals.” ~ Mai Cohen giving us further insight into her career so far

Packed with a delightful vocalist and a speaker-hugging mix to change your day around, Mai Cohen is at her natural best on the quality single to warm up any room with Somebody New.

Somebody New from Tel Aviv, Israel-based RnB/soul artist Mai Cohen is such a sweetly wrapped treat to keep in your coat pocket all night. Sung so beautifully and combining class and a vivid imagination to admire, this is a tender release when you know you would rather be with your ex right now.

Sometimes you just know what felt right when you needed it most.

Listen up to this fine single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Royal Leisure – Pastries: Get Your Indie Funk Pop Sugar Rush

Connoisseur of melodic indie funk pop hooks, The Royal Leisure has tackled the human tendency of indecision with his latest nostalgically sweet single, Pastries. It will groove you right back to the synth-driven culture of the 80s, only after taking a pitstop in 90s noise rock.

The Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter (AKA Horace Tam), started the project with the inclination to offer a reflection point to listeners looking for a sense of perspective on themselves, the world, and all the connections we make along the way.

One thing is for sure; Pastries is a refreshing reprieve from the contemporary sonic trends. Its playful approach to aural nostalgia and even more affable inclination to drip some colour into your psyche while it forces you to question your tendency to want your cake and eat it won’t fail to stir your soul. The reprise of “this could be the only thing I want” around the endlessly ascending melodies makes for one hell of an oxytocin rush.

Take a bite for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hyson Bluff fights his way through the gusting weather that turns into a dangerous ‘Typhoon’ (Gale Force Version)

Showing us that traumatic moment when you think that going under is the only option available amongst the rapid dangers, Hyson Bluff emerges alive but has those scars that will never be forgotten with ‘Typhoon(Gale Force Version).

Hyson Bluff is a London, UK-based indie electronic artist who was formally behind the Hong Kong-based sound art project, Yum Cheok.

Presented in increasing levels of severity: tropical depression < monsoon < gale force.” ~ Hyson Bluff

With a scintillating edge of excellence that shows us all the expertise of an enlightened figure who has bravely developed his sound, Hyson Bluff is on top form with a glorious showing that will surely cause a reflective state of mind to emerge from the waters of doom.

The first single Typhoon comes in three versions of increasing intensity, in line with the language of storm classification. The song casts a turbulent relationship as a violent storm, and draws on a real life experience of being washed up along with this partner in a storm swell during a particularly rocky time.” ~ Hyson Bluff

Typhoon(Gale Force Version) from London, UK-based indie electronic artist Hyson Bluff, takes our whole soul into a world where finding that safe space is the only mission. With a skilled production that reminds you of those timeless songs that are played for generations, this is a cinematic experience to get lost in if you don’t have your compass on hand for guidance.

Calming those seas with your fighting spirit is the only thing you can control when the wicked winds show their ugly side.

Hear this fine single on SoundCloud and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hong Kong’s The Royal Leisure drops dreamy debut track, ‘Everything’s Fine’

Reminiscing about past relationships and the confusing vagueness of our presumed happiness in this forget-quick time in humanity, The Royal Leisure shows us inside his creatively introspective mind with a sterling first release to take you far away from the numbing noise on, ‘Everything’s Fine‘.

Formed by Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter and music producer Horace Tam, The Royal Leisure is an indie-pop creation that is a catchy experience that shouldn’t be sneezed at.

Instead of an alias, Horace rather looks at The Royal Leisure as a parallel universe that gives people the time to reflect on themselves and their relationships with the world and everybody in there. It explores the sensibility of human interaction.” ~ The Royal Leisure

Soaring high with a fabulous ambience that takes you places you forgot existed, The Royal Leisure is quite superb with a performance that might stop you in your tracks and get you pointed back to where you really need to be headed.

Everything’s Fine‘ from Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter and music producer The Royal Leisure sends a warm glow to all of our hearts with a stunning performance of the highest quality imaginable. His vocals are honey-like and completely captivating, which has you in a dream-like state that has you thinking about more than is on the soul-crushing television. The soundscape on offer feels like an escape from this destructive reality, that can harm your innocence if you let it consume you.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kiss You Softly: julian wants that proper romantic feeling with ‘What You Gotta Say?’

Orchestrated by the fast-rising music producer LCDWVES, julian cuddles close with his lover and feels their innocent hearts beating so much faster with his vocally-advanced new single all about wanting more but knowing that you should live in the moment with ‘What You Gotta Say?

Julian Tong aka julian is a 19-year-old Hong Kong-born, Leeds, UK-based indie-pop singer-songwriter, pianist, and photographer.

After graduation, he moved to Leeds to study photography and continued to pursue songwriting and storytelling, teaming up with talented producer and close friend  (Ambrose Yan). With a blended fresh production by LCDWVES, a new generation of sound was formed.” ~ julian

With his youthful exuberance soaked all over this sexy new single that has that glint sparked into your eye again, julian rises above all the bad role models out there to create a lane for himself that many will want to follow. His voice is so pure and seems to calm your whole body, as you look around and wonder who is going to be your next lover.

What You Gotta Say?‘ from the Hong-Kong-born indie-pop singer-songwriter/pianist, and photographer julian, asks that vital question that we all want to be answered. With so many people realizing that their fairytale might be all a lie, this is a return to that moment where everything is so simple and romantic as you hold each other close.

With the world so irritatingly confusing sometimes – this is a sweet track that will bring you back to hoping again – that not everyone out there is a vampire-like player and out to destroy your fragile soul with one fatal bite.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Reaching for your dreams: Legendary Hong Kong creator Enso brings us the excellent All Evolutionz 全進化 single ‘Never With You’

All Evolutionz 全進化 are back with a compelling orchestral/film score masterpiece that is part of the exquisite six-chapter story, and this single is called ‘Never With You‘.

Enso is the mastermind behind this fantastic project and is mostly known as the founder of XXX Hong Kong, which was an underground gallery and nightclub that existed from 2011-2018.

This is the fourth music release of 2020 under the new name and this is the end of the current music cycle for now and a fantastic year music-wise, has given much hope for the future. When you are a part of something special like this, I like how its done properly and not overloaded in your face to water it down. This is a classy creator who is taking his time to make sure that it is of the highest world class standard possible.

The captivating start of this magnificent song gives you chills all over your body as you sit back, close your eyes and visualize the beauty that is before you.

Soon, the vocals simmer in and takes you by surprise, the hauntingly beautiful melodies and constant surprises in your curious ears, are quite dazzling and your heart will skip a beat as you closely listen, taking away all other distractions in your busy mind.

Never With You‘ from All Evolutionz 全進化 is an story of loss and wonder, the transfixing variations are absolutely outstanding and you can’t help but admire the effortless masterpiece that you have just listened to. This is music that needs to be in a movie and the sooner, the better.

Stream this top track on Spotify and see more on IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen