Have We Lost Our Destiny: Tim Young sees us going round and round like a lost mouse on Divided We Cannot Stand

Wondering if we still care or if our sails are misplaced in the windy sees of life, Tim Young tells us an honest story about how fractured this planet is on the old-school feeling single to relate with, Divided We Cannot Stand.

Tim Young is an experienced 62-year-old Willimantic, Connecticut-based indie folk solo singer-songwriter and former DJ who has a traditional feel for all music creations.

Worrying about society as a whole, Tim Young is rather brilliant and honest to the bone on Divided We Cannot Stand. This is memorable. It’s made with patient quality. Each lyric has been forged with knowledge and wisdom to learn from. Please put this on maximum volume and close your eyes. It will be worth it.

Divided We Cannot Stand from Willimantic, Connecticut-based indie folk artist Tim Young wonders if we shall ever learn. He sings with wisdom and care, showing us a beacon of hope like a lighthouse to bring the ships in during those dark and moody nights.

A leader is here for us to learn from. It would be foolish to ignore him.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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