Grad Party’s compelling release ‘Feeling’

The reason that Grad Party’s music is so compelling is that it seems to tug at musical threads across all ages of pop and indie evolution. There are emotive new-pop vibes from the post-punk era, a slick late night 90’s chart feel through to the glorious understatement in keeping with the best of todays sonic troubadours. Soulful vocals, delicate chiming guitars and chilled dance beats blend effortlessly and a wonderful sonorous haze drifts across the song, softening the edges and making it already sound like half timeless pop classic, half perfect forward step.


A modern take on 80’s baroque pop? An answer to the frivolity of the current state of the charts? A pop chill out? An indie return to form? Of course it is all this and more but for those of you of a certain age or a certain geographic location it does resonate with the sound of British underground pop, indie music in its original incarnation, the sound of fledgling label releases run out of the back of a record store. More that that Feeling sounds like a lost Dream Academy song and that will do me just fine.

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