AstralDreaming – Laniakea: Melodically Soothing Electronica Catharsis

Any Electronica artist going by the title of AstralDreaming has to be pretty sure in their abilities when it comes to cooking up trippy, transcendental and lucid soundscapes. And it’s safe to say with their latest single “Laniakea” AstralDreaming proved to deliver exactly what it says on the tin.

Although Laniakea carries plenty of melodically soothing catharsis, each note still retains a vibrancy as the track progresses up to the euphoric sweet spot which breaks just before the outro revealing how deeply immersed you had become. To add even more authenticity and organic appeal to their latest single, AstralDreaming added a slight hint of spacey tonality which will ensure that you’re lifted to a higher futuristic aural plateau with Laniakea.

You can check out AstralDreaming’s latest mix Laniakea along with their earlier releases for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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