Glasgow’s Kev Howell moves through time and space on ‘Arrows’ (Live)

With a rampaging riff and gritty vocals that catches your attention instantly, Kev Howell takes it day by day on his new release to get excited about on the breathtaking ‘Arrows’ (Live).

Kev Howell is a Glasgow, UK-based alternative rock/blues act that is known for dynamically exciting live performances wherever he performs.

His debut album ‘Haunting Ambition’ was released in August, 2017, filled with smoky poetry, swaggering guitar riffs and laced with dreamy melodies. The album was nominated for a SAY Award (Scottish Album of the year) in 2018.” ~ Kev Howell

Showing us that by ignoring the sneaky vultures as they try to look for a weakness to swoop in and take our precious soul, Kev Howell has dropped a modern day classic that is overloaded with that extra special sauce you can lather on your speakers for hours.

Arrows’ (Live) from Glasgow, UK-based alternative rock/blues artist Kev Howell, is a raw track that will send your whole body into a place back in time that was rather gloriously remembered. Crashing into our souls with memorable vocals, a stunning soundscape and with well-written lyrics that have you listening rather intently, this is a release filled with that extra punch.

Taking things day by day and not getting too flustered is the key to life.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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