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Glasgow’s Kev Howell moves through time and space on ‘Arrows’ (Live)

With a rampaging riff and gritty vocals that catches your attention instantly, Kev Howell takes it day by day on his new release to get excited about on the breathtaking ‘Arrows’ (Live).

Kev Howell is a Glasgow, UK-based alternative rock/blues act that is known for dynamically exciting live performances wherever he performs.

His debut album ‘Haunting Ambition’ was released in August, 2017, filled with smoky poetry, swaggering guitar riffs and laced with dreamy melodies. The album was nominated for a SAY Award (Scottish Album of the year) in 2018.” ~ Kev Howell

Showing us that by ignoring the sneaky vultures as they try to look for a weakness to swoop in and take our precious soul, Kev Howell has dropped a modern day classic that is overloaded with that extra special sauce you can lather on your speakers for hours.

Arrows’ (Live) from Glasgow, UK-based alternative rock/blues artist Kev Howell, is a raw track that will send your whole body into a place back in time that was rather gloriously remembered. Crashing into our souls with memorable vocals, a stunning soundscape and with well-written lyrics that have you listening rather intently, this is a release filled with that extra punch.

Taking things day by day and not getting too flustered is the key to life.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Will Win: Remilekun compels us to believe that we shall succeed on ‘Live’

Showing us how we shall always vanquish evil no matter what hindrances they place into our peacefully intentioned path, Remilekun sings with a roaring enthusiasm that will inspire your ears to perk up rather quickly on, ‘Live‘.

Remilekun is a Nigerian-born, London, UK-based Christian Gospel musician and Choir Director who performs with that vocal output that shall have you embracing each word she sings.

What was meant for evil will be turned around for good if you believe. Believe it in your heart and declare it with your mouth. Your voice is more powerful than any other voice over your life.” ~ Remilekun

After widening our minds open with her previous single from March 2021 called ‘Revelations‘, Remilekun projects that belief that is deeply intrenched in her soul that leads the light to where all that goodness was formally hidden. Her vocals are supremely spirited and with that rare decisiveness that we all need to learn from, so that we can be whoever we want to be despite those who try to cage our kindness away.

Recognised as a talented singer at a very tender age, known for singing covers from Indian blockbuster movies and hymns at daily family prayers.” ~ Remilekun

Live‘ from Nigerian-born, London, UK-based Christian Gospel musician and Choir Director Remilekun is an emotional release that guides us to that forgotten land that we all need to be a part of no matter those jagged rocks that we have to climb over. This is an artist who makes music for her faith that sets her free like a bird showing us where to fly, even if currently we are in a massive tornado.

Hear this passionate plea for kindness to resume globally on YouTube and see her next moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take These Broken Wings And Learn To Fly: Lawrence Ryan releases sterling cover of The Beatles classic ‘Blackbird’ (Live)

With a terrific vocal ability and masterful guitar skills to match, Lawrence Ryan is highly impressive on his cover for The Beatles legendary single called ‘Blackbird’ (Live).

Lawrence Ryan is a soulful solo indie blues/rock singer-songwriter from Brooklyn in New York who now resides in New England. He is a skilled musician who has had experience in bands, but now performs solo.

After moving to New England, his songs and voice became the mainstay of several Northeast area bands. One of which was the blues/funk band Lux Radio. As lead singer and guitarist, he has opened for national acts such as Meatloaf and Cub Coda of
Brownsville Station.” ~ Lawrence Ryan

This is a song that was all about the U.S. race riots in mid-1968, that caused so much shock all over the world due to their intensity. The track is a metaphor of the struggle for the black civil rights movement and is sung with much vigor, from a singer who knows how important this release is.

Blackbird’ (Live) from the solo blues-filled New England songwriter Lawrence Ryan, shows us into a world that has come back after many years with tensions bursting underground, that have now surfaced into the forefront of television sets globally. He sings with a true sense of responsibility and this is a courageous effort from a quality musician.

Hear this audio on YouTube and see more of his journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jack West releases his EP Live at Easy Street: Showing just how good live music can be

American-based musician Jack West has released his six-track anthology titled ‘Live at Easy Street’ and for those of you who love a bit of old school alternative rock then this one’s for you.

Jack has created an EP that is filled with such a lively atmosphere, his own twist on the alternative rock sound, whilst also throwing in some covers from the likes of Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Audioslave and he for sure does it justice.

Throughout you can hear this high energy that bounces of each song and you can really feel the personality pulsing through the music when Jack performs, the fact that it’s live and you can hear the cheer of the audience, it just creates this whole new atmosphere, sharing the connection and the way the crowd reacts, whilst having that stripped back sound.

The instrumentation is incredible, electrifying guitar riffs, heavy hitting drum beats whilst having this western style intertwined, combining such popular genres of music and creating it in his own way.

Jack has such an amazing vocal range and the skills that he has to create something as catchy and entertaining as what he has done is impressive, there is never a dull moment with this EP and you feel like you’re right in the room when you listen.

You must check out Jack West’s EP by heading on over to SoundCloud, you will not be dissapointed!

Review by Karley Myall