Get it on with Zight’s latest EDM hit, Work it Harder, featuring Chris Willis & Maximals

Since the official music video to Zight’s latest single, Work It Harder, premiered on July 1st on YouTube, it has racked up over 200k streams, and traction continues to amass around the track featuring Chris Willis, whose previous collaborations include EDM icons, such as David Guetta.

Either I’ve had too much exposure to Ru Paul’s You Better Work, or the upbeat motivational EDM track carries ample reminiscence to the glamorously upraising signature flair of the self-declared supermodel of the world. If you’re falling short of dopamine, Work It Harder will give you an ample fix. For you own sake, hit play.

Check out Work It Harder for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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