Get caught in the melodicism of the ‘Morning Rush’ with Sophia B.’s latest single

You’ve heard of bubble gum pop; prepare yourself for the even more visceral rush of caffeinated pop before you delve into the latest experimentally authentic single, Morning Rush, from the one and only luminary, Sophia B.

However you take your coffee, you will find the notes in Morning Rush more than palatable as Sophia B. creatively tears the monotony from the morning commute and replaces it with a soulfully sticky-sweet buzz. There is a plethora of pop hits that pay ode to the way infatuation hits late at night when you’re left with little but your thoughts, but only the NYC-hailing award-winning composer and lyricist found the opportunity to pay ode to the confusion that brings you to question whether your morning rush is stemming from the sugar in your coffee or the apple of your eye.

With the dreamy chords, the smooth installations of soul, and the aptly hyper touch to the vocals, regardless of your relationship status, Morning Rush will leave you blissfully on cloud nine.

Keep Morning Rush with you at all times by purchasing the track on Apple Music or stream the official music video via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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