German Emcee Mahogan rises above the rest with ‘’Ride Or Die’’ Music Video

I’ve been listening to Hip Hop since MC Hammer first burst in the scene back in the late 80’s. I remember the day vividly when my friend Wesley first played me his music. He had a small boom box, it was on the school field during break time. Life changed forever. 

I’ve never heard a flow and tone quite like German Rapper ‘Mahogan’. It’s so deeply delivered, the tone of his voice is so unique, in a good way. He makes it work with this laid-back anthem. This could be his statement track, the one that gets him in that company he wants to be in- being the premier opening act when all the big stars come to his country.

Host of the ‘’Urban African Line-Up“ as part of the MitAfrika Festival in Cologne 2019- with approximately 10.000 attendees- ‘Mahogan’ is a proven winner with a clear vision of promoting up and coming music. 

This is an Emcee with a bright future so keep an eye out for him and when he is massive, you can tell your friends you heard him here first.

Stream ‘Mahogan’ here on YouTube and see his whole collection.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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