FrayGo brings the ‘LOVE’ in his latest single, featuring JST. PRAH

Jamaica-born, Maryland, US-based artist FrayGo (Kerzan McKenzie) is known for pushing the envelope with his impassioned sound and boundless experimentalism. His latest single, LOVE, proves just how all-in he is when it comes to both expression and affection.

He didn’t leave his hometown roots far behind in the RnB-laced track that delivers smooth harmonies in arresting cadence and full-bodied instrumentals that leave plenty of room for ample soul in their progressions.

It’s tracks like LOVE that serve as the perfect reminder that finding passion is only the start of what is often a cat and mouse game where we’re contending with our desires and insecurities as neither of them is afraid to pull punches. You’d be seriously hard-pressed to find an artist delivering such nuance in their lyrics as FrayGo. He goes beyond the superficial to pay ode to a love that you can actually believe exists. Through the power of his humility and candour; we actually have an RnB-inspired track that encompasses true love where no one is perfect and no one is toxic. Instead, devils and angels wear the same faces under cupid’s bow and FrayGo’s witty wordplay.

LOVE is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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