Forever: justJOY floats rather joyously on 425 (feat. Adam Knox)

Wondering if she is really happy or actually sad, justJOY senses that the time is standing rather still right now in this confusing time with so many voices booming their beat on 425 (feat. Adam Knox).

justJOY is a Midwest USA-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and massive Jack Harlow fan who performs from the heart through her creative excellence.

Overpowering our senses with something rather unique, justJOY shows us a sound that is made with so much genuine energy and glorious vocals to behold.

425 (feat. Adam Knox) from Midwest USA-based indie-pop artist justJOY is a terrific single that might get your soul alive again. Her spellbinding style is rather special and shall take you by the hand, into a mysterious world from a captivating talent who is only just getting started.

Laced with so much classy aura, this is a single to play when you need to hear the heartbeat of the underground.

Listen up on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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