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Look For Purpose: Westside Ultra feel invincible on rapid-fire ‘Drunk Villain Freestyle’

As he takes command of the mic beside him and vows to always be in control of his own destiny, Westside Ultra sips up quick and lashes down his raw bars on the brand new ‘Drunk Villain Freestyle‘.

19-year-old Westside Ultra is a Midwest-born, Texas-based indie rapper who has made it his mission to grab hold of his future and never let go no matter what.

Growing up with a father who has a passion for music, it only made sense that some of that became ingrained in him at a young age. It wasn’t until years later in high school, that writing and putting out music as something fun, would lead to a full-time passion for music and the industry.” ~ Westside Ultra

Displaying his youthful charm and shredding through each verse with signature aplomb, Westside Ultra dusts off anything shadowing over his shine on a track that leads us into his thoughtful mind that knows these bad habits could break him down at any moment.

Drunk Villain Freestyle‘ from the upcoming Midwest-born, Texas-based indie hip-hop artist Westside Ultra, is a story all about setting aside those inner doubts that can hold you back as you attempt to keep things simple and down the demons one gulp at a time. He displays impressive rap skills with a beat attached that seems to suit his aura just right. With so many artists in the game and those bills piling up, it is certainly hard to keep the faith. This seems to be a rapper who understands his strengths and just wants to forge ahead until he truly makes it on top.

Life is about taking risks after all when others decide to take the easy route and never fulfil their true potential.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Much Is True: Blake Rave helps out a special person as he truly cares on ‘Oxygen’

With a we-can-get-past this-mentality of never giving up even when the chips are down on the ground, Blake Rave looks into their tearful eyes and vows to be there forever no matter what on ‘Oxygen‘.

Blake Rave is a Midwest-based indie rock singer-songwriter who performs with a peaceful energy that has you clicking the lighter on and swinging it slowly in the air.

Although not one who craves attention or the spotlight, Rave feels completely at home on stage and has a way of connecting to his audience during a live show. Blake Rave is laidback, unpretentious and his authenticity as a person can be heard through his music.” ~ Blake Rave

There is much to admire about Blake Rave, who projects his message with the utmost class and honesty. His vocals are so toned and crisply delivered – as he shows us that real kindness is definitely not a weakness – in a world where heroes are often hiding away in the shadows.

Oxygen‘ from the soulful Midwest, USA-based indie rock singer-songwriter Blake Rave, is such a peaceful effort from a truly kind soul. He sees that a close friend is feeling down and needs his help, to get past everything that is holding them back from finding that ever-lasting happiness. Sung with a calm and strong ambience of hope, this is exactly the kind of message we all need to hear on this cold planet full of doubters.

Hear this sweet new single on Spotify and see more stories on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Life Is A Game: Joey Steez twists up that unstuck blunt on ‘Manifesting’ (feat. Midas Welle)

As he raps about staying strong and keeping away from the easy distractions that can take you down the torturous tunnels of doom rather quickly, Joey Steez lights us up with some true talk on ‘Manifesting(feat. Midas Welle).

Joey Steez is a multi-skilled Midwest, USA-based hip-hop artist engineer, videographer, and music producer. He is an underground artist who likes to keep things only truthful, as he strays away from the corny fluff that clogs up the drains of most ears.

This is the make-money not false stories anthem, that takes you inside the mind of a man on a quest to only win and manifest his dreams into reality. His bars are hard and so ominously slammed inside our minds, with grinder flows which might shake unwitting skeletons back into action. The beat grabs you in like a hungry vampire who wants that delicious blood, and takes us on a head-bobbing journey to that promised lane we all seek.

He draws his influences from the late 90’s and early 2000’s southern hip hop, as well as East Coast rap.” ~ Joey Steez

Manifesting(feat. Midas Welle) from the hungry Midwest rapper Joey Steez, is that OG-truth track all about keeping it real and never getting it confused. People want you to lose – even those closest to you – so the best way is to keep it true hustler and never let that grip go. Getting soft just isn’t an option, otherwise you will turn into a fading memory that is hard to remember for most.

Hear the audio on YouTube and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

There She Was: Comedic rapper Soft Tommy dreams vividly of the ‘Horse Girl’

Returning with a stable music video that shows us his versatility, Soft Tommy falls for the ‘Horse Girl‘ and they seem to be a match made in braid-flicking heaven.

Soft Tommy is a new-age comedic rapper and songwriter from the Midwest, USA. He cleverly makes that type of music which is meant to be enjoyed and not taken too seriously at all.

”Spanning genres from classical power ballads to rapping, electronic dance & pop music, Soft Tommy has learned to use music as his primary language for communicating with the human race & helping spread his message of love, humor & self acceptance.” – Soft Tommy

This is a song that shows you into a mind of a shy person, who finally met someone that truly gets him and likes so much that he says. You feel that spark and the flame won’t go away, as things heat up and you feel like this could be something special, or just a fleeting moment of desire.

Horse Girl’ from the always-entertaining Soft Tommy, is a daydream to the girl that he quickly fell in love as she fell into his arms. He remembers the way that she played with her hair and this moment made his heart beat so much faster. When you meet someone that captures your attention like a Polaroid, you just picture yourself with them forever.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more song release news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Don’t Play Ball: Soft Tommy solves the world’s equations on ‘Nerd Party’

With a confident attitude to be who he really is, Soft Tommy puts on his suspenders, drops a savage spelling bee battle, and laces us his dance shoes, to show us what we are missing out on with ‘Nerd Party‘.

Soft Tommy is a comedic dance rapper and singer-songwriter from the USA who makes music to lift the mood, away from the doom and gloom of life in this rather strange world.

He flows with his glasses on proudly, as he takes us for a journey to a world that is far from reality, transported through time so that we can have a rest from the dull reality for a while.

”Spanning genres from classical ballads to rapping, electronic dance & pop music, Soft Tommy has learned to use music as his primary language for communicating with the human race & helping spread his message of love, humor & self acceptance.” – Soft Tommy

Nerd Party’ from the Midwest, USA comedy dancing rapper and singer Soft Tommy, is that tribute to all the folks out there that are supremely underrated and also deserve their time to shine. He brings us a music video that will shock some, and please others. Just the way Soft Tommy would want it.

See this colorful video on YouTube and find out more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

c x m e r x n drops the important ‘Wasting Away’ (feat. Garret Rapp)

c x m e r x n drops the important ‘Wasting Away‘ (feat. Garret Rapp) and this is a reflective song that sums up 2020.

c x m e r x n is a musician who mixes ambiance, and emo pop in one. He is from a small town in the Midwest, 30 miles from Milwaukee and 60 miles from Chicago in the USA.

You feel so numb and you so in your mind right now. You don’t know what to do and everything seems the same and feel like you are just wasting away on earth. This is a feeling that so many of us feel right now, you want to learn new things but can’t seem to get started. You need a fresh start, a new place to go and explore. Life is stagnant right now but things can only get better.

c x m e r x n impresses on ‘Wasting Away‘ (feat. Garret Rapp) and this is a soundtrack for the crazy year of 2020. We need something better to come around and to get out of our heads, we need to stay positive.

Head through to the YouTube link.

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Here is the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

BagDadLean & Slutty Jordie rip the mic on the new Hip Hop single ‘Jackwoods’

BagDadLean & Slutty Jordie give us a life lesson about ladies and 420 here on their new Hip Hop track called ‘Jackwoods‘.

BagDadLean is a young Midwest artist that is very versatile as he can rap and switch it up to an R&B number all in the same song. This is a rare skill that is often not done well. He does however impress on this new track that is only his 2nd even release on Spotify. With lots of hunger and aspirations to be as massive as Drake, this is an ambitious emcee and singer with big dreams. I love this confidence, going for the top is the way forward.

This is all about being careful with the ladies. You need to find a loyal lady otherwise if you end up with the wrong one, she will suck your bank account dry and then vanish like the cleaning product. The beat is so laid back and stoner style, with the deep voices and you feel the smoke filled energy in the air.

BagDadLean & Slutty Jordie show us their skill set on the new ‘Jackwoods‘ single that is a winner in the Hip Hop playlists all over the world. If they can keep consistent and focus on getting their music out there, there is a chance they could make it massive.

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Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen