Floating Particle: Joe Raphael enters a new world of mystique with ‘Junk DNA’

As his flamboyant electro-laced vocals morph besides you like an ocean breeze gusting into your curiously in-tune mind, Joe Raphael brings us one of the most unique songs so far in 2021, with the mind-reading puzzle called ‘Junk DNA’.

Joe Raphael is an intriguing singer-songwriter and producer born and raised in cozy Vermont. He’s currently based in bustling New York City and makes that earthy type of sound-relief creation — that defies belief — unless you immerse yourself into it headfirst.

This is the story about having your mind read and not being able to work out why and how, their power over you has so much hypnotic flavor, that it wraps eagerly all over your acute senses and enters you without you noticing at first glance.

Junk DNA‘ from the emerging NYC-based singer-songwriter Joe Raphael, morphs into your soulful construction with an electrifying state of stunning sounds that you will be amazed by. This is a mesmerizing experience that feels like it is from a different galaxy, far away from earth.

Stream this mysterious new single on Spotify and find out more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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