Where did she go: Mia Rago is in a different class above on ‘Gone’

Taken off her latest five-track EP ‘A Sea Of Darkness‘, Mia Rago is sumptuously elegant on the superb single called ‘Gone‘.

Western Springs, Chicago-based indie-soul/Americana solo artist Mia Rago, makes that honey-dipped sweet music that warms your heart, brings tears to your eyes and makes you shake your head in astonishment at how delightful this talented musician is.

After being forced to give up on sports and physical activity when she was just nine years old, Mia has fought back from her severe scoliosis and undertaken many painful surgeries to correct the painful curvature of her spine. She is a survivor who never gave up and this is reflected in her music. You see, music was always there for her when she needed inspiration and has never left her side.

With a gaze-like start that has you grooving along, we are soon introduced to a singer who tells us the story of a man who is looking for his girl. She is already gone and he does not know what he did wrong. Suddenly, the mystery grows deeper as perhaps he was the one that hurt her and that is why she disappeared for good. No one really knows what the real story is and this is a secret we might never ever fully know what transpired.

Her voice transforms your thoughts and you get lost inside this beautifully constructed song from such a truly pure singer. The vocals get stronger as the track goes on her seemingly-excellent tone range is quite incredible.

Gone‘ from the soulful A Sea Of Darkness‘ indie-Americana singer-songwriter Mia Rago, is a track makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up to attention, as she drifts into your heart with this fascinating story and her vocals blow you away.

This is a rare talent who is a fighter and she sings with that extra class that you don’t find often. This is a new single to embrace deeply and put on repeat.

Stream this terrific single on her Spotify and find out more about her story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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