First Kiss At The Bonfire: Korey Starr knows that his previous lover was The One That Got Away

Reminiscing about that time when all his friends thought it would last forever on that special evening by the fire, Korey Starr wanted the heat-packed moment to last but found that it wasn’t meant to be on The One That Got Away.

Korey Starr is a Nashville, Tennessee-based indie pop singer-songwriter who assembles that hugely relatable music that is made with true love.

November of 2018, the singer/songwriter made a transition from doodling in class, to writing random lyrics in history books, and journals. Mostly, his journals.” ~ Korey Starr explaining to us how it all started (taken from his website)

Performed with a quality edge that might take you back to a sad place that you remember fondly, Korey Starr shows so much bravery to let us into his romantic past. Sung with an appealing enthusiasm and a loving intensity, this is a single that is hugely reflective and shall make you wonder why love doesn’t work out sometimes.

The One That Got Away from Nashville, Tennessee-based indie pop singer-songwriter Korey Starr is a song about realizing (too late) that sometimes age can be an issue if you aren’t both mature enough to want a long-term relationship. Guiding us into that sudden moment with a vivid picture, showing us that there wasn’t a long-lasting correlation in the end.

Two souls have to connect as one, otherwise the spark will flame out rather unexpectedly.

Hear this fine new single on YouTube and see more via his website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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