Every decision matters: Landy V drops the realness with ‘Believing in my Lies’

Showing true honesty with a personal story, Landy V is back with her hot new track called ‘Believing in my Lies‘, which will have you thinking deeply about how powerful your words and actions really are.

Landy V is a compelling Denver, Colorado-based singer/rapper, who performs with that inner passion to improve each day, be real to herself and raps with such skill and sings with illuminating beauty. She makes that music that has you looking inside the deepest part of your soul, which tells you to brush out all self-doubts into the trash can, so you can be finally free and be yourself no matter what anyone else says about you. This is your life after all, no theirs to judge, just because they are unhappy with whatever choices has defined them.

This is the story about how she fell into the fad-life trap for a while, but managed to thankfully unshackle herself through meditation and working things out mentally through extra effort. This is a determined woman who realized that she didn’t want to be like everyone else and instead, is totally steadfast to looking into the mirror each day and being proud of who she is, without feeling herself too much and losing touch with her soul.

The fiery raps lead you into her studio as she flows like a real pro, her voice is sumptuous and you can’t help but cheer for this fighter who has risen from the dust, to be on the road that she wants, not where other leads her into the detours that make you a copycat fake.

Believing in my Lies‘ from the wildly talented Denver emcee Landy V, is a sensation track about how you can sometimes get a bit too deep underwater with trying to be too fresh, that you actually start sinking into yourself, with the stories that you start to actually believe. With the way commercial music is exaggerated to a scary level of falseness sometimes, its so refreshing to hear a rapper who is self-aware enough to take a step back, to get back to total reality again.

Life can have you spinning into worrying web around you due to social media and the way marketing is pushed into your face for breakfast each day. To take a breath and know who you really are, is absolutely priceless and can’t ever be bought.

Stream this vibin’ track on her Spotify, see her YouTube for more and head through to the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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