The Hawkeyes rip the chord to entertain us on ‘Wanted Man’

The Hawkeyes rock in with their latest rock infused song called Wanted Man.

The Hawkeyes of Pittsburgh in the USA is a steel city rock 4 piece powerhouse band that forges a pure unique blend of driving rock, rust-belt grit, and big stage headlining attitude persona.

Ripping guitars and pulsing rhythm propel the band’s raw and working-class roots and constant desire for growth. This song is all about knowing who is wanted and who is innocent. Only a wanted man would run and this band ain’t running from nobody. They are on a mission to entertain.

The band’s mentality is one that is focused on elevating to the biggest stages that any working/touring band could imagine but also pays an endearing tribute to its working-class rock ‘n’ roll roots that draw inspiration from the city in which it has lived in, worked for, breathed and loved. I love this mentality and fighting attitude no matter what.

Taken off their latest album ‘Ever for After’, ‘Wanted Man‘ is a fiery rock thunderbolt through the sky and into our souls. This band really rocks and I love the fire in their music style. There is a lot of grit and determination from the Pittsburgh group The Hawkeyes who just make awesome tracks.

Stream here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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