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I Just Can’t Say No: Anton Karabushin knows that today is the day on ‘Summer Days’

With a flourishing chin-up attitude that is so inspiring and keeps you smiling joyously, Anton Karabushin reminds us to enjoy those sunny days which sadly don’t last forever on the happy new single ‘Summer Days‘.

Anton Karabushin is a Denver, Colorado-born American indie pop singer-songwriter, pianist and composer with Russian heritage, who is now attending Fordham. He is a young artist but an old soul, who transmits a beacon of hope, on a burning world which needs so much positive energy to fan the fires out for good.

His buoyant vibe is such a pleasure to witness as his glowing voice feels like it is taking you into a new world above, the peace and tranquility inside his bones seems to only get better throughout this calming experience. His true natural kindness is brought to the fore – with a magnificent display on a scrumptious single – we can all digest with much ease.

Summer Days‘ from the eighteen years-young multi-skilled Denver-born pianist/indie pop singer Anton Karabushin, heats up your simmering soul to broadcast a message that has been needed for some time. The winter might have been dark and gloomy but there is always a new light around, which shines through to make everything better again.

Those few months of summer are the best time ever, as you look up to the sky and wish that that the hot days would never leave again. Being grateful for what you have, is the best way to show appreciation for this beautiful planet we live in.

Stream his fresh single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Anywhere But Here: Denver emcee IANxSOLO tells us to take it slow on ‘Road To Nowhere’

With his first solo release in over eight years, IANxSOLO pulls up in style with the fresh new single that shows us that we need to keep things chilled and head to the ‘Road To Nowhere‘.

IANxSOLO is a well-respected underground emcee, audio engineer, Broncos fan, and one half of the hip hop group, Loco-Motive (featuring East Side Vic) from thriving Denver, Colorado.

With a smoothly laced delivery attached as he steps onto the solo scene again after a long break, he drops some impressive bars that has you feeling relaxed again. IANxSOLO makes that introspective music that also has lots of party vibes intertwined, as he thrills your socks off with a flow that has you feeling like you need to jump into that pool to cool off.

This is the type of mellow track to play when you need to remember to keep it mellow again – the fumes from this smokey world can be a bit overwhelming sometimes as you need a break from it all — as the catchy beat puts that full-faced perspective back in your mind again.

Road To Nowhere‘ from the terrific Denver, Colorado emcee and audio engineer IANxSOLO, shows us a path that has us reading the truth leaves, as he urges us to stop planning everything. Life is too short anyways, so having fun and being around genuine people, is the only way to go.

Here is the Spotify link to hear this track and see more via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m The New Landlord: Colorado’s King MacK drops in with poetic flows that impress highly on ‘Gas’

As he changes lanes to help inspire the masses to avoid drugs and prison time after his own life-changing experiences, King MacK leads the way with riveting new single called ‘Gas‘.

Joshua King aka King MacK is a Denver, Colorado-based hip-hop artist, who has turned his life around from being locked up, to now embracing what he needs to do in order to stay away from the inside cells, to now providing for his family and making that real music that changes your perspective.

This is the peddle to the metal type track, that reinforces your view that there is still quality hip-hop out there, even if it is harder to find sometimes.

His rhymes are so effortless, the ever-growing self-awareness shines from his sunglasses, the vibe is electric and you can’t help but sway your body around with this true underrated emcee.

Gas‘ from Denver emcee King MacK, is that straight up waxin’ the floor flow that has you in much appreciation for his excellent bars that light up high, as he has experienced the lows of life and it feels like this is his time to truly shine.

You learn a lot when you are down and out, so when you are up, you appreciate it a bit more as you vow to never plunge down low to the darkness again. He’s finally free and ready to be who he wants to be.

See his potent music video on YouTube and check out the IG for more news and visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Love You: Denver’s Gordon turns the darkness into light on ‘Sunshine of Mine’

Taken off his debut twelve-track album called ‘Emerson‘, Gordon reminds us of those classic special authentic times that keeps you smiling throughout the dark clouds of today called ‘Sunshine of Mine‘.

Robbie Gordon Conaway aka Gordon is an original Denver, Colorado-based indie folk/blues singer-songwriter, artist, short film producer and photographer, who has recently started his solo journey after being in the band Ghettobillies.

This is the story of feeling that true love deep inside you no matter what the obstacles, as you just know in the bottom of your heart that they are the one for you. The road might be long and winding, but the journey will certainly be worth it.

He sings with such a tender tone that is full of genuine energy that fills your heart up, you feel his warmness simmer in with a superior voice that has you listening real close and taking in every verse with a smile.

Sunshine of Mine‘ from the fantastic Colorado indie singer-songwriter Gordon, leads us into the midst of yesterday’s simpler times, while also teaching us that hope and that positive self-aware perspective, is certainly needed to be happy in this rather stranger world.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

What I could be: Eric Disiac and Kah Li push the sticky doubters away for good on visuals for ‘Jelly’

Making their intentions known via this thriving music video, Eric Disiac & Kah Li once and for all, let it be known that pettiness and hating has no place in their world on ‘Jelly‘.

Eric Disiac & Kah Li are enthralling Denver, Colorado USA-based indie-RnB artists, who sparkle brightly with a glass-half full kind of captivating music style for our souls to recharge with happily, that helps douse the flames of hate and needless jealously away.

They sing with such purpose and the stunning visuals are so well done, capturing the moment and letting us into their new wave of positive mindsets, that only seeks evolution and success, through the dusty smog of this current selfish world.

These two top artists connect so well on the fine new single, their smoothly delivered voices are on the same page with the story of dealing with fake former friends, outsiders that keep on with their senseless small talk, which only frustrates but will not get them too down.

Jelly‘ from the stunningly pure RnB voices of Eric Disiac & Kah Li, has you reaching for your dreams and making sure that you sweep off any lingering crew members, that are all about themselves and can’t see past their noses. In this life, you need to surround yourself with real humans that back your vision, as you back theirs.

Always be wary of those who don’t clap when you’re winning right?

See the vibrant music video on YouTube and follow IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Every decision matters: Landy V drops the realness with ‘Believing in my Lies’

Showing true honesty with a personal story, Landy V is back with her hot new track called ‘Believing in my Lies‘, which will have you thinking deeply about how powerful your words and actions really are.

Landy V is a compelling Denver, Colorado-based singer/rapper, who performs with that inner passion to improve each day, be real to herself and raps with such skill and sings with illuminating beauty. She makes that music that has you looking inside the deepest part of your soul, which tells you to brush out all self-doubts into the trash can, so you can be finally free and be yourself no matter what anyone else says about you. This is your life after all, no theirs to judge, just because they are unhappy with whatever choices has defined them.

This is the story about how she fell into the fad-life trap for a while, but managed to thankfully unshackle herself through meditation and working things out mentally through extra effort. This is a determined woman who realized that she didn’t want to be like everyone else and instead, is totally steadfast to looking into the mirror each day and being proud of who she is, without feeling herself too much and losing touch with her soul.

The fiery raps lead you into her studio as she flows like a real pro, her voice is sumptuous and you can’t help but cheer for this fighter who has risen from the dust, to be on the road that she wants, not where other leads her into the detours that make you a copycat fake.

Believing in my Lies‘ from the wildly talented Denver emcee Landy V, is a sensation track about how you can sometimes get a bit too deep underwater with trying to be too fresh, that you actually start sinking into yourself, with the stories that you start to actually believe. With the way commercial music is exaggerated to a scary level of falseness sometimes, its so refreshing to hear a rapper who is self-aware enough to take a step back, to get back to total reality again.

Life can have you spinning into worrying web around you due to social media and the way marketing is pushed into your face for breakfast each day. To take a breath and know who you really are, is absolutely priceless and can’t ever be bought.

Stream this vibin’ track on her Spotify, see her YouTube for more and head through to the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A breath of fresh air: Ellsworth drops her incredible debut single ‘Growing Pains’

Ellsworth returns with her stunningly elegant vocals and vivid storytelling on her first single called ‘Growing Pains‘.

Denver, Colorado indie-folk/Americana singer-songwriter Megan Ellsworth aka Ellsworth picked up the guitar when she was just eight years old thanks to her Dad, and hasn’t looked back since. The marvelous music melodies she makes are lodged deep in her brain and her wonderful creativity is a blessing to our lonely hearts, as she sings with such grace and class.

She is a supremely lyrical storyteller with a real tale about how growing up is challenging but that it all worked out in the end. Growing up is full of twists and turns throughout and with the support of those close, we can do anything we set our minds to.

“To actively grapple with the deeper aspects of humanity, with the complicated experience of being human that we all know and can relate to”.- Ellsworth

With a stunningly pure voice, boundless enthusiasm and a way with words that hugs deep into our hearts, she is a singer-songwriter that is finding her feet and it feels like she will only get better and better through time. Having talent is one thing but being sincere, putting in the hard work and going for your dreams through undoubted trial and error, is how you become truly great at what what you set your mind to.

Growing Pains‘ from the exciting talent Ellsworth from Denver is a spiritually awakening experience and you will get lost in her fine voice, as she weaves a pleasurable web around your mind, body and soul.

Hear these crisply gorgeous vocals on Spotify and follow her adventures on IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mtn Beats send us slow smooth house to relax with ”Infinite”

Denver Producer Mtn Beats returns with their most striking release so far. ”Infinite” is a relaxing single that impresses so much. The Colorado musician manages to find the most relaxing sounds in the world and put it in one song. Genius.

Infinite” is vocal free and allows one to fully immerse their soul into the ocean, your heart feels pure and you’re almost at full peace. The world is so crazy right now and I feel so much more relaxed while daydreaming during the 4 minute 12 second song.

I feel like this is a sign of things to come from Mtn Beats. The beats here are well-received and there is no nonchalance here. Only striking beats and a feeling of being with nature. A huge message in a terrifying year for the world. The Denver producer Mtn Beats has created a fantastic song with ”Infinite”.

Stream this song via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New Denver Emcee Cipher gets his girl in ‘’Make You Mine’’

I wish you were mine, I think you know why. The former US Navy Vet is now fully in the music game and shows us his chops with his 3rd single ‘’Make You Mine’’. 

‘Make You Mine’ is about reflecting on a relationship where you are in the friend zone with someone that you really care about. A tough situation to be in, the likeable R&B/Hip Hop artist ‘Cipher’ shows us his tender side in this track. With a quality Music Video to boot, this is a sexy release to add to his ever-growing repertoire.

Known in the Denver music game for his debut ‘Blowing Up’ that did just that locally, this is another good track to this budding artist’s name. 

‘Cipher’ is in a very tough genre with artists that come and go way too quickly. He is making his move now and with quality releases, the young Emcee is leading the Indie Denver Rap charge to the top.

Check out more from this talented R&B artist on his DistroKid page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Blue Mesa releases Straight Through Me

Denver-based quartet Blue Mesa has recently released their single ‘Straight Through Me’. The Alternative Rock band have created something special here.

Within the first few seconds, you’re instantly hooked as you listen to each pluck on the strings of the guitar, each tap on the drum and the melodic high-pitched vocals. Giving the loudness and that Alternative Rock element through the high energy and upbeat instrumentation, as the clashing of each instrument gives off this lively atmosphere.

The electrifying riffs on the electric guitar and the way each instrument collides together perfectly with the vocal ranges and keeping that same slow pace for the first few seconds to amping up the volume and kicking off with that manic melody as well as the tone of voice beginning to get higher and giving of that right amount of edginess and mystery that this band encounter.

Another energetic, female-fronted rock band that are sure to be on your playlist, if they are not already.

Check out Blue Mesa Straight Through Me by heading on over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall