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Inside Your Mind: OXYG3N tells us the real story on ‘Channel 33’ (feat. Highndeaf)

With a brooding rhythm that is notably threatening and gets your nervous heart pounding as fast as a voracious lion stalking its prey, OXYG3N asks us to turn on a new mindset so that we can see things so much clearer than before on ‘Channel 33(feat. Highndeaf).

OXYG3N is a Corona, California-based underground hip-hop emcee, Cannabis Stock Fund advocate, NFT Art creator, crypto investor and music producer.

He started making music due to his older brother being a producer too and is influenced by Ab-Soul, Lil Wayne, A$AP MOB and 50 Cent.” ~ OXYG3N

OXYG3N shows us his astonishingly hard bars that slam down with some force like a thunderbolt from the shadowed sky, to speedily awaken those who need to open up their sleepy eyes. There is a full-paced tempo here that doesn’t let up, as the booming beat keeps you locked tight into this vividly described picture.

Channel 33(feat. Highndeaf) from the prominent Corona, California-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer OXYG3N, is a really powerful track that is one for those real music fans who love this storytelling genre that will never die. You feel the hungry nature of this experienced artist that urges us all to slide those sunglasses off and take note of these troubled times with waves so big, that many will not make it through to shore. The world is unnecessarily cruel like that sometimes.

Hear this fine new single on Soundcloud and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Do You See: Michigan battle rapper extraordinaire Bel Air Beezy shows us he doesn’t need sleep on ‘No Rest’

With an ominous beat to start things off and a furious flow that belts through the brittle speakers of our wondrous imagination, Bel Air Beezy rises up from the underground to remind us that he is ready for anything that comes between him and greatness with ‘No Rest‘.

Bel Air Beezy is a hard-edged Grand Rapids, Michigan-based battle rapper and Dad. He is a street-smart artist who puts on his cape when needed, to show the uneducated what hip-hop should sound like.

His music is not something you simply listen to but experience. Mostly going by ‘Beezy’ he has found the perfect balance of witty punchlines, charisma, and engagement in the battle arena.” ~ Bel Air Beezy

His hardcore delivery certainly delivers the post rather smoothly – as he drops in to remind all those who forgot about him – that he is around whenever needed to put on a rap clinic, to teach the youth about this storied art form.

No Rest‘ from the powerfully eloquent flows of the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based emcee and battle rapper Bel Air Beezy, is a quick-fire return to show us all that he is one of the most criminally underrated emcee around. He swarms the mic like hungry bees, as he bites into these cold bars that smashes through all previous perceptions.

Who needs sleep when your mind is always working at full pace anyway.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Anywhere But Here: Denver emcee IANxSOLO tells us to take it slow on ‘Road To Nowhere’

With his first solo release in over eight years, IANxSOLO pulls up in style with the fresh new single that shows us that we need to keep things chilled and head to the ‘Road To Nowhere‘.

IANxSOLO is a well-respected underground emcee, audio engineer, Broncos fan, and one half of the hip hop group, Loco-Motive (featuring East Side Vic) from thriving Denver, Colorado.

With a smoothly laced delivery attached as he steps onto the solo scene again after a long break, he drops some impressive bars that has you feeling relaxed again. IANxSOLO makes that introspective music that also has lots of party vibes intertwined, as he thrills your socks off with a flow that has you feeling like you need to jump into that pool to cool off.

This is the type of mellow track to play when you need to remember to keep it mellow again – the fumes from this smokey world can be a bit overwhelming sometimes as you need a break from it all — as the catchy beat puts that full-faced perspective back in your mind again.

Road To Nowhere‘ from the terrific Denver, Colorado emcee and audio engineer IANxSOLO, shows us a path that has us reading the truth leaves, as he urges us to stop planning everything. Life is too short anyways, so having fun and being around genuine people, is the only way to go.

Here is the Spotify link to hear this track and see more via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Yasmin Bratz releases thirteen track album ‘Moon Gorgeous Meditation’

With a style that is refreshingly different to most, Yasmin Bratz is back with an absorbing album that will open your eyes on ‘Moon Gorgeous Meditation‘.

Auset Imaj Bennu aka Yasmin Bratz, is a New York City-based hip-hop artist with a flourishing flow, that gushes out logistically to wrap minds and to teach the misinformed.

I represent something much more ethereal unlike the culture women in hip hop today has branded. Using the Bratz concept and the word by definition, I created a movement much more rebellious to the norm adaptable for all humans of all gender identities, thus naming my network of followers BRATS; which stands for Born the Realest And we the Toughest on Set.” – Yasmin Bratz

The flow is electric and fully street-hop inspired, with ‘Divine Order‘, ‘Ravage‘ and ‘Karma on Fleek‘, being three tracks that seem to steam hot the most, featuring remarkable beats and rhythms that opens you into this enlightened mind with a sharp edge.

Moon Gorgeous Meditation’ from the emerging mogul and New York City emcee Yasmin Bratz, shows us into the mind of a creative artist who is on a mission to get this important message out to the whole world, through such dynamic music that is loud and proud.

With a thirteen track album that is beyond what most minds can comprehend, this effort from an artist beyond being labeled — smashes through the misogynist walls that need replacing with true open-mindedness, that is so often lacking in this phone-dominated and small-minded world. Yazzy is here and not going anywhere.

Stream this promising release on Spotify and see more news via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

What’s Fake Or Real: Formidable Essex emcee Untold Poet shows us the two sides of the coin on ‘Harvey Dent’

Whilst confidently flushing away the trashy fake noise and opening the willing sink to unleash more realness on the awaiting world, Untold Poet flips the switch just right with his explosive new single about finding that truth to set you free again on ‘Harvey Dent‘.

Untold Poet is a superb Essex, UK-based rapper and singer-songwriter, who was formerly the lead of New Subjects. Now fully on the solo trail as he finds his way, he stomps in to shake our attention with a thoughtful edge.

He raps with such an impressive fluidity as he attempts to chase away that demon who is attempting to block his view. Untold Poet flows with such supreme skills and drops the bars with impressive power and consistency.

This is story about learning who to trust in this sneaky world, that can kick you down like a rugged Sunday league defender at any second. You look for the truth as you feel that things are in a bit of a blur within your eyesight — as you seek that real authenticity and might be lost for now. You know in your scout compass where to go and are just looking for the elusive keys who are playing hide-and-go-seek, so you may unlock the right door to freedom forever.

Harvey Dent‘ from the high caliber UK emcee Untold Poet, brings us an anxious soul who is feeling the walls closing in, as he looks in between to see which way he wants to go. The world can be a mix of truths and lies, so which road you turn to can define you so quickly — if you unwisely choose the wrong path — that is filled with treacherous undesirables.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Worries Don’t Seem Too Big: South Birmingham hip-hop artist OriginelJay blazes away the issues with ‘Smoke 2 That’

Released by the claw-like ferocity of local indie label TigerBloodMuzik Entertainment, OriginelJay gets into the 420 mode with the rizla-filled new 20th April 2021 dropped single full of smokey puff called ‘Smoke 2 That‘.

OriginelJay is a underground South Birmingham, England-based ten-year veteran emcee, who flows in the room with a style that has you reaching for the lighter beside you and flaming up the vibe, to make sure that its alive with breathtaking bars of quality.

This is the message about not worrying about anything for too long — as you toke up and forget about the stress of life — the vibe of lighting off the pressure is paramount as you find your way in this overly stressful world, that is full of potholes and undesirables all over the place.

You feel his authentic mellow vibe filter through through the speakers, as his impressively consistent delivery packs a punch each time and shows his ever-increasing credentials in a bloated genre.

Smoke 2 That‘ from the talented South Birmingham hip-hop artist OriginelJay, is a roll away from the problems with this steamy new track that flows like a freestyle and has you happy like you just swam an Olympic backstroke. He puts out all the fires with a cloud-like reflective, that is full of cleverly rapped bars which are highly impressive.

Stream this new single on Soundcloud and check out his Twitter for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m The New Landlord: Colorado’s King MacK drops in with poetic flows that impress highly on ‘Gas’

As he changes lanes to help inspire the masses to avoid drugs and prison time after his own life-changing experiences, King MacK leads the way with riveting new single called ‘Gas‘.

Joshua King aka King MacK is a Denver, Colorado-based hip-hop artist, who has turned his life around from being locked up, to now embracing what he needs to do in order to stay away from the inside cells, to now providing for his family and making that real music that changes your perspective.

This is the peddle to the metal type track, that reinforces your view that there is still quality hip-hop out there, even if it is harder to find sometimes.

His rhymes are so effortless, the ever-growing self-awareness shines from his sunglasses, the vibe is electric and you can’t help but sway your body around with this true underrated emcee.

Gas‘ from Denver emcee King MacK, is that straight up waxin’ the floor flow that has you in much appreciation for his excellent bars that light up high, as he has experienced the lows of life and it feels like this is his time to truly shine.

You learn a lot when you are down and out, so when you are up, you appreciate it a bit more as you vow to never plunge down low to the darkness again. He’s finally free and ready to be who he wants to be.

See his potent music video on YouTube and check out the IG for more news and visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Top Shelf Feel: North London emcee A STAR drops tremendous ten track album called ‘Samples’

Sparking up that tasty cali with a quality rolled release that settles your nerves from these wild times, A STAR expertly smashes those bars real hard, on the new gritty ten-track album that gives you hope about UK Hip-Hop again with ‘Samples‘.

A STAR is a fast-rising North London emcee with so much fire in his raw rhymes, his street stories about how he sees life is so relevant, in a strange world where there is so much divisiveness and confusion instead of just peace and love.

Its a happy night when all of your team make it home. This is an example of a wild story that tells you all you need to know about his current mindset and this is a striking insight into how things really are, away from what the often watered-down television says.

The particular highlights are definitely ‘Candle Light‘, ‘Smoke In The Air(feat. Big Sam) and ‘Squad Goals‘. He swarms the mic with realness that will have you astonished — the busty beats seem to mesh like code on a crisp website — his admirable loyalty to his true family is noticeable, as his wordplay is wizardry-like and on a rare level of self-aware enlightenment.

Samples‘ from North London rapper A STAR, flows through your mind due to his top shelf lyrical delivery that has you bouncing your head and tapping your feet in adulation. In a genre where there is so much competition and artists come and go so quickly, he has claimed his spot right at the top of the underground where the best are at.

Stream this fire new album on Spotify and check out the visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rebuild From The Rubble: UK-born rapper Max Thomson never gives up on finding his tribe with ‘I Wonder’ (feat. Brittney Barber)

As he diligently searches to find the optimal transmission of someone who thinks like he does, Max Thomson returns with lighter in hand, on a sensational song that should be stuck in your mind for weeks on end called ‘I Wonder(feat. Brittney Barber).

Max Thomson is a supremely skilled UK-born, British Columbia-based emcee, producer and singer, who fuses that truthful music into one melting pot of self-discovery. He seems to improve after each track released and gives the lucky listener a real perspective — that is definitely needed into this quick-swipe world — which needs to slow down for its own long-term good.

This is the incredible message of keeping the faith burning no matter what, when it could of been easier to give up and forget about everything. In this savage world, there are many obstacles to climb and you might slip sometimes. Getting up and doing what feels right, is the only way to really being happy inside the deepest and most important part of your soul.

She sings with the wind blowing into her long hair, the genuine passion is so visible from her striking eyes which piece through into your eager mind, that hungrily seeks something more meaningful than the usual.

His raps are breathtakingly honest, with quick-fire verses about hiding the nerves under the surface and almost giving in — as he builds up steam and shows his inner strength, to closely follow his manifested dreams to where they are meant to fly — so high into the star-lit sky above.

I Wonder(feat. Brittney Barber) from the soulful Canada-based hip-hop artist, producer and singer Max Thomson, is the song you needed to hear in 2021. This underrated artist brings us a quality track that shows us that two souls who feel the same can be united as one. Their energies spark wonderfully like a lighter that has just refueled, as the fire burns bright on this excellent creation, that needs to be heard far and wide. Never give up, someone will always be listening.

Stream this new video on YouTube and check out Max’s IG for more tracks and adventures.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Raise Your Mind: Underground Brooklyn emcee Ananias urges us to look up and ‘Aim High’

Produced by 27 Corazones Beats, Ananias blocks out the noise of the attention-grabbing streets, to see the bigger picture of personal growth on his excellent new track called ‘Aim High‘.

Ananias is a thoughtfully self-aware BoomBap artist from Bedford-Stuyvesant (Bed-Stuy) in bustling New York City. He continues to formulate a way to get through to his fellow citizens through his music that speaks the truth and avoids the corny fake attention bubblegum, that distracts away from the truth of current affairs.

His mellow and gritty flow is highly impressive as he keeps it old school, with marvelous lyricism that seems to be hidden away in this wild world sometimes. Each word is said for a reason and you feel like he is telling us how it is, with stories of dealing with small-minded folks who just because they aren’t succeeding, somehow have the audacity to try and take it all away with a clip or two.

Aim High‘ from quality Bed-Stuy emcee Ananias, is an inspirational tale of never letting anyone hold you back no matter what they say. He is only focused on elevating his skills and getting paid so he can look after his family. Looking up when others look down, is the only way to succeed in this bloated and selfish world.

Listen to the top track on Soundcloud and check out his IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen