Estonian singer/rapper PK drops video for ”I think the asphalt hates me”

Based in Tallinn, Estonia-Joosep Vau aka PK (PKestonia)- has just slashed the tires with ”I think the asphalt hates me”. This new track is the lead song off his new album ”dress sexy at my funeral” which is slated for a 22nd June release.

This is an OG in the Estonian rap game as he has been rocking the mic since 2004. He flows effortlessly and his songs have meaning. I’m worried about PK’s mindset at the moment as he seems really down with himself. I’m picking up some heartbreak here and I hope he can recover from this with good friends around.

Music does heal so by expressing himself through his art I believe that we can all grow together. ”I think the asphalt hates me” is a song like no other and this Estonian rap star has made his mark on 2020. He has loyal support and is one of the top emcees in Scandinavia. Let’s hope that he can build from this and get out of his own head as soon as possible. To fully flourish we need to be clear mentally.

Stream this track via Youtube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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