Philip D. Zach – Gradient Album Review: A Neo-Classical Minimalist Composition of Reflection & Ambience

From the moment that I hit play on the first track of Philip D. Zach’s new album Gradient, I knew that the stunningly neo-classically trained instrumentalist had found a home in my Spotify playlist right next to Nils Frahm and Phillip Glass. The Lincoln, Nebraska’s sound has an ethereal way of drawing you in, even around the silence, there is so much substance and tentative anticipation for Zach to lure you further into his sweet piano melodies. Each track from his debut album serves as a testament to his effortless dexterity and warmth which exudes from his minimalistic mash up of Classical and Ambient sound.

Philip D. Zach is a composer that deserves to pack out concert halls and arena tours with his sound, not just prop up pianos in piano bars, the synergy that he creates with such a minimalist sound is almost electrifying. Of all the tracks on the album, I’d most definitely recommend you check out Pyramid Lung, it damn well nearly brought a tear to my eye. Contained within the reflective pieces and layers within each track is the artists perpetual flow and passion which drives you to its climax and you’re left hypnotised by the pure aural alchemy of the artists fascinating style.

Head on over to Spotify where you can check out the stunning album Gradient by one of the most talented young pianists around today:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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