‘Family Hike’ from Bay Area group Driftr is a woke Hip Hop track for modern times

Family Hike‘ from Bay Area group Driftr is a woke Hip Hop track for modern times and this comes right before the USA elections in 2020. With a sharp lyrical arsenal, this one is a track you need to hear.

This is all about relating to what is going on right now and keeping sane too. A Hip Hop track with a real message, this is rapped with much skills and the beat matches perfectly. With future soul influences, this is a song that gets into your head and never leaves- in a good way of course.

Driftr rap about politics and real life on ‘Family Hike‘. They speak on common fears about modern times and what is currently happening in the USA specifically. This is a song with a sense of humor too as they say that the revolution will be on Netflix rather than on the streets. A ability to have a sense of humor in 2020 is highly needed.

This is a track with a powerful flow and you need to admire this effort in trying times. A real star in the making here, this is a cleverly made track that will upset some people but inspire many others. No two songs are the same from this exciting act and this is another gem. Don’t forget to vote America,

Click here for the Soundcloud link to hear more.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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