Era’Nay shares retrospective regret in her latest RnB single, Farewell.

Louisville-hailing RnB soul singer-songwriter Era’Nay has released two singles from her upcoming EP, ‘Elevate’; the indie RnB ballad, ‘Farewell’, serves as the perfect introduction to her deeply introspective style.

Era’Nay left plenty of space in the lyricism for you to put your own emotions and losses into the mix as you start to share the same retrospective regret for not making the most of the time that we shared with the people you appreciate. Endings are the only inevitability in life, yet, we live as though we’ll never have to experience them. Farewell shares that fairly bruising reminder, but it also compels you to live in the moment. Given the stagnancy and isolation that we’ve all endured since 2020, Farewell is a timely addition to the airwaves.

Farewell is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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