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The RnB soul singer, Tarnisha Bruce is sensational once more in ‘Keep the Love We Make’

After Tarnisha Bruce wowed us with her alternatively old school take on RnB with her single, Love Therapy, she’s back on soulful form in her seminal ballad, Keep the Love We Make, which finds an impassioned way to pay homage to the beauty in perpetual love.

Scroobius Pip may have said that the idea of unconditional love is simply being in love with the idea of love, but Tarnisha Bruce proves that there’s plenty more to the desire to find a light that will never go out behind someone else’s eyes.

Once again, it’s a stunningly serene release that doesn’t fail to fill you with a flood of warmth from the first jazzy RnB piano progression. As for the lyrics, you’d be hard-pressed to find a sweeter or more sincere proclamation of affection.

Keep the Love We Make is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Era’Nay shares retrospective regret in her latest RnB single, Farewell.

Louisville-hailing RnB soul singer-songwriter Era’Nay has released two singles from her upcoming EP, ‘Elevate’; the indie RnB ballad, ‘Farewell’, serves as the perfect introduction to her deeply introspective style.

Era’Nay left plenty of space in the lyricism for you to put your own emotions and losses into the mix as you start to share the same retrospective regret for not making the most of the time that we shared with the people you appreciate. Endings are the only inevitability in life, yet, we live as though we’ll never have to experience them. Farewell shares that fairly bruising reminder, but it also compels you to live in the moment. Given the stagnancy and isolation that we’ve all endured since 2020, Farewell is a timely addition to the airwaves.

Farewell is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Angelique ‘Let Go’ the new single from her stunning album ‘Grows Back’

Louisiana-born singer-songwriter Angelique puts her classically-trained, three-octave range to great use on her new single ‘Let Go’, a sultry, sensual R&B number with a serious soulful groove and the clever use of heavily phased synth parts and staccato stop-starts to the bass highlighting the power and timbre of Angelique’s voice.

There’s some serious Toni Braxton, Aaliyah, or the much-lamented Whitney Houston vibes across the track, deep, soaring, overlapping vocals mixing with thumping bass and a trappy little drum pattern, choral backing vocals sitting perfectly underneath Angelique’s lead. ‘Let Go’ is the perfect showcase to Angelique’s new album ‘Grows Back’, a mix of chilled R&B and upbeat disco-influenced groove. The future looks extremely bright for Angelique.

Hear ‘Let Go’, and the rest of ‘Grows Back’, on Spotify. Follow Angelique on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

Choice Love delivers a resoundingly soulful apology with “DIFFERENT VIDEO”

Accoladed RnB Soul artist and producer Choice Love released their standout single ‘DIFFERENT VIDEO’ this summer, if you missed it, you also missed out on one of the most resoundingly empathetic singles released in 2020.

My tear ducts never stood a chance against the compassion contained in the consolingly release. ‘I know you hurt, but I’m not to blame’… ‘I’m sorry you’re all alone’… ‘some men help you die, some help you live’… It speaks so sincerely to anyone who has been filled with cynicism and chooses to forgo romanticism for isolated sanctity.

If you don’t feel anything after hit play, there’s a good chance that your soul has departed.

You can check out the official video by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Neo-Classical & R&B Converge in Becky and the Keys’ Second Single “Don’t Say You’re Leaving”

Up and coming R&B artist Becky and the Keys has recently released their pensively captivating latest single “Don’t Say You’re Leaving”.

It took the first few Neo-Classical piano notes for us to become arrested in the striking single. And when the vocals kick in, suddenly, you’re gripped by a total stranger’s pain. Don’t Say You’re Leaving may leave your soul feeling a little heavier, but the emotionally wounding single carries a rare capacity to convey viscerally resonant emotion – there aren’t many artists out there with the ability to claim that.

The tender minor piano keys in Don’t Say You’re Leaving shared reminiscences with Bill Ryder-Jones’ recent piano works. But when it comes to the vocals, Becky and the Keys uses raw evocative vocal dynamics to create a resoundingly powerful R&B Soul ballad.

You can check out Becky and the Keys’ latest single Don’t Say You’re Leaving by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast