Enjoy The Road: Your X Lover hops on the saddle no matter what on What Feels Good?

On a catchy track which is rather perfect for summertime fun with friends and family, Your X Lover has just dropped a rather supreme single made with all-compassing love and desire on What Feels Good?

Your X Lover aka Arthur Dubin Ehrlich is a well-travelled indie pop artist who loves to mesh different styles to his music and is always looking for that extra edge.

Each song has a unique flavor that incorporates elements of alternative rock, punk rock, hip hop, and bedroom pop. Moving cities frequently as a child, YXL was influenced by many different environments and it shows in his sound.” ~ Your X Lover

Thrilling us with a rather sublime treat to hold with passion, Your X Lover strikes our souls where the sweet spot is. This is a dreamy song which even your ex will love.

What Feels Good? from the flourishing indie pop artist Your X Lover is a rather special single that is sizzling and soaked with so much splendour. Taking our minds into a delightful tunnel which is wind-proof and loaded with quality, this is a turn-me-up-right-now anthem which shall be played on repeat.

Packed with a real quality which is so illuminating, it’s hard to think of a song with more exuberance in 2023.

Listen up on Spotify and view more vibes on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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