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Be Clear: Highly rated Australian artist Any Girl moves on from Reija Lee with the quite sublime Into The Black

After over 40 million streams under her previous artist name, Any Girl reinvents herself and shows us why she is one of the best in the game on the must-listen new single to pour love deep inside despite the cracks emerging, Into The Black.

Formally known as Reija Lee, Any Girl is an exceptional Perth, Australia-based indie electronic-rock singer-songwriter who performs with a cutting edge to slice away all those previous fears.

On the surface, Into The Black is a song about the dreaded ‘situationship’. But in a deeper sense, it’s about our fear of the unknown. The lyrics portray someone who would rather be in an unfulfilling relationship, simply because it’s what they know, and it’s better than their fear of being alone. But the uplifting feeling of the chorus and the lyric ‘in the black’ being used as a metaphor for intimacy, kind of poses the question of whether giving in is always such a bad thing. Change is scary, but sometimes comfort is just what is required in the moment.” Any Girl

Wanting something intimate but going back into old habits due to her past romantic encounters, Any Girl has dropped a soul-nearing single which guides us through modern-day love. This is excellent and sung so purely, by a young woman who desires so much more than something which she knows won’t fulfil her like it should.

Into The Black from the acclaimed Perth, Australia-based indie music producer/musician Any Girl is surely one of the best singles released yet in 2023. This is dreamy stuff which will have hearts beating so much faster than before.

Packed with emotion and wonderfully electric honesty, this is special like a first kiss which will never be forgotten.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Enjoy The Road: Your X Lover hops on the saddle no matter what on What Feels Good?

On a catchy track which is rather perfect for summertime fun with friends and family, Your X Lover has just dropped a rather supreme single made with all-compassing love and desire on What Feels Good?

Your X Lover aka Arthur Dubin Ehrlich is a well-travelled indie pop artist who loves to mesh different styles to his music and is always looking for that extra edge.

Each song has a unique flavor that incorporates elements of alternative rock, punk rock, hip hop, and bedroom pop. Moving cities frequently as a child, YXL was influenced by many different environments and it shows in his sound.” ~ Your X Lover

Thrilling us with a rather sublime treat to hold with passion, Your X Lover strikes our souls where the sweet spot is. This is a dreamy song which even your ex will love.

What Feels Good? from the flourishing indie pop artist Your X Lover is a rather special single that is sizzling and soaked with so much splendour. Taking our minds into a delightful tunnel which is wind-proof and loaded with quality, this is a turn-me-up-right-now anthem which shall be played on repeat.

Packed with a real quality which is so illuminating, it’s hard to think of a song with more exuberance in 2023.

Listen up on Spotify and view more vibes on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Via Lena finally secures that much-needed sleep on her sensational statement track ‘Insomnia’

Waiting for that rest fix to come when she needed it most, Via Lena drinks when she doesn’t want to and feels like she is sinking rather deeply into a bath of doom that is drowning her on her sonically speaker-shaking new single, ‘Insomnia‘.

Via Lena is a Holtsville, New York-born indie alternative artist who performs with that desirable edge and makes songs that will be entrenched into your mind for hours.

From the crib to adulthood, Via Lena has been infused with music. It started from her mother playing guitar and singing to her as a baby, to piano lessons as a child and chorus throughout middle school.” ~ via her ReverbNation page

Delighting all listeners with a brave display against the odds, Via Lena eloquently shows us deep inside her life and reflects wholeheartedly on what has been bringing her down recently. Showing us her classy ways and smartly constructed creation, this is a lovely release that so many of us shall relate to.

Insomnia‘ from Holtsville, New York-born indie alternative artist Via Lena is one of the most ear-piercing singles you might turn on all day. Showing us her massive potential and delightful vocals, this is a special song written from the heart by someone who has lived through the pain. Each note shall jolt you awake and get you into the mood to take that well-earned rest in a cruel world that can take you underground if you let the sewage take you away forever.

Getting that sleep when you need it is the key to life that is so underappreciated.

Hear this deep new track on Spotify and see more news on her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Edge releases throwback classic ”Vice City Vibe – Sorry Sarah Couldn’t Really Call You”

This is one of the most intriguing songs of 2020. Born in Abuja, Nigeria, Edge has such a different style that makes you listen extra close to his vocals and he hits it out the park with ”Vice City Vibe – Sorry Sarah Couldn’t Really Call You”.

The Singer/Emcee based in Western Canada has a seductive voice, its so deep and has such mainstream appeal. I feel like I’m in a movie while listening to him, his flow is so consistent and I can’t help tapping my feet and wondering how I could get onto one of his music videos.

Edge has all the skills to impress any crowd as he just flows with such smooth professionalism, his voice captures a picture of cruising around in Vice City, rocking up to the best house party and following him into the VIP section. The intro to ”Vice City Vibe – Sorry Sarah Couldn’t Really Call You” is genuinely brilliant and has such an old school feel to it. Edge has created a perfect break away song to unwind and get the summer party going, this young artist is surely destined for big things. Sarah will surely forgive him, she knows he will call back.

Find this top track on SoundCloud and get the night started.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tired Eyes Kingdom Takes Electronic Music Into A Whole Different Spectrum in “Edge”

Tired Eyes Kingdom takes electronic music into a whole different spectrum in “Edge”, using obscure tones through a down tempo structure. Carrying a desolate vibe, the ambiguous vocals become intriguing as the melancholic story unravels. The shady beat reverberates from rhythm to rhythm, gauging a tight hold onto the sensation we share with the gloomy tale. The magic from the bleak atmosphere from “Edge” consumes us, whilst forcing out darker conflictions we so blindly can relate to.

The track begins with an echo of a beating heart, using a subtle but pertinent beat to intensify the rigid condition. As the tension is built up, the hostile vocals scream a distant fear, using a forbidding vacancy in her voice creating a high strung impact the song deserves. Isabelle Pabst on the eidolic vocals elaborates how this person in question is the catalyst to her darkness, emphasising how natural it feels. She stresses, “I felt it so strong/Your light sharpening the edge of my shadows/Within you I become clear”. The depth of the track goes beyond simple lyrics, and harbours visceral purpose, and as the lethargic beat fades away a grave sombre feeling lingers behind.

-Aly McHugh