Ezra Foster – Misty Mountain: Viscerally Narrative Folk

As Folk singer songwriters go Ezra Foster is pretty much the whole package. With playfully inventive lyrics, the ability to create a dulcet yet uplifting melody and his enigmatic vocal offering you really couldn’t ask for more.

The Austin, US based artist’s latest single Misty Mountain which was released in April 2018 offers instantly cathartic rhythm which invites you to slip into the sonorous soundscape. Yet, what really sold Misty Mountain for me was that the lyrics weren’t just an apathetic offering of introspection. Ezra Foster’s narrative lyrical style creates a veraciously beautiful portrait in your mind, you know, like Folk music is intended to. Many contemporary ‘Folk’ artists may have forgotten the intention behind Folk, yet Ezra is still roots deep in the traditional style.

You can check Misty Mountain along with the rest of Ezra’s album ‘the Pace of Living’ for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now. Each one of the eight tracks carry their own brand of personably passionate emotion, by track eight, I can guarantee you’ll be in love with Ezra’s viscerally ethereal style.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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