Dramatic “Shadow of the Day” of the day cover from Jonathan Galland and Danica Lipetsky

Jonathan Galland is back with a trailer cover of Linkin Park’sShadow of the Day“. The track features the voice of 7 year old Danica Lipetsky who dazzles here with her stunning voice. This is a short song that is very dramatic and could be used for a movie or short play.

French composer Jonathan Galland has studied music in France and in the US for 20 years. After attending a Music section High School in Paris (BTMM), the Superior Institute of Sound Technics (ISTS), and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Galland is finally living off his passion for film music. Classically trained since the age of 6, he is also known for being a versatile composer and music editor.

Jonathan Galland is currently based in San Francisco, California in the US and this is an intriguing song. Danica Lipetsky shows much promise for someone so young and we could be seeing a future star.

Stream this new track right here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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