Don’t Have Time: Sam Thul has seen the warning signs before on ‘That Road’

Bringing us a lovely new single that urges us to avoid the negative and only focus on the positive, Sam Thul drives us down a place which is filled with holes but also rainbows on ‘That Road‘.

Sam Thul is an experienced Pennsylvania, USA-based former band member of a multitude of different acts and is now fully immersed as a solo artist, as well as an avid reader, movie fanatic and gamer.

This entire song was written, recorded and mixed in about three weeks in my home studio/office/medieval tavern space lol. After a few false starts, I finally ironed out the quirks and decided it was finally finished and ready for people to listen to it.” – Sam Thul

With a mellow tone that is totally authentic and made with a warning sign to us all, he helps us to avoid the life trap of worrying about things that you can’t control. His voice is controlled and full of intrigue – he sweeps away the dusty street for us to drive through – with our eyes wide open.

That Road‘ from the soulful Pennsylvania, USA-based indie-rock solo artist Sam Thul, shows us a man who doesn’t want to go down a path that knows will waste his time. Avoiding the path that has only has tasteless bones scattered throughout is the not the way he wishes to venture down anymore. The good vibes are the only thing that will keep his mind alive from here onward to that true happy place.

Stream this new music video on YouTube and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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