Josee Allard – Love is All We Need: Soulfully Concordant Neo-Soul Folk Pop Catharsis

Josee Allard

With our current social and political climate (that pretty much stands for wherever you are in the world) tracks such as “Love is All We Need” by Josee Allard aren’t just refreshing, they’re essential.

Love is All We Need is the perfect track to slip into if you’re looking for soulfully concordant catharsis; and it’s just one of the singles on the up and coming artist’s perfectly timed album release. Burning Rain is set to be released on May 11th, until then, there’s plenty of absolution to be found within the single Love is All We Need. Josee Allard’s unique approach to Neo-Soul Pop offers light and intricate textures found within the instrumental arrangement which are almost arrestive as the smooth Folk Pop vocals. The level of talent combined with the quality of the production isn’t something that we get to hear every day. You should probably start getting excited now.

You can check out Love is All We Need ahead of the album release by heading over to Josee Allard’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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