Imagine a place where drinks are free and blood won’t spill, where the music is an imaginative blend between country, rock and blues and the rhythm just keeps flowing as the hours go by – an outlaw heaven. That’s exactly where Doe Grass is taking us! Portrayed through a collection of clever and image evoking lyrics, steady percussive rhythms and a good sense of harmonic contrast at just the right points “Sally’s Place” is guaranteed to have you press repeat after the last few notes. The sound of the steady shaker rhythms in the beginning are enough to pull you in and immerse you in an image evoking song with memorable guitar lines that are groovy and tastefully bluesy all at the same time. The laid back guitar solos also feature an interesting element of harmonic fluctuations which interact perfectly with the underlying progression, creating an experience that is full of colour.

With an edgy, yet clear, vocal tone and just the right attitude the lyrics are expressed with a strong sense of narrative while the rhythm remains pronounced and consistent throughout. The use of effects is also a feature which is integrated very nicely, making this track sound complete, with a freshness of sound that is guaranteed to be enjoyed by anyone. Apart from it’s ability to capture the imagination through an authentic arrangement, “Sally’s Place” also presents a good element of melodic contrast, and a final statement which is exactly what makes it so memorable and catchy for all.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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