8udDha bl0od – 83n5 I00P – Relax your mind and float downstream…

This song is a party, psychedelic trip into your senses, filled with various instruments and low-fi frequencies. Nothing sounds organised, like chaos has been planted on shifting sands, with an efficiency that’s deliberately broken by peculiarities.

Imagine thinking you’ve got it, nothing can surprise you, and then they find a way! At one point, there’s a loud guitar, amped up so you’re called to attention for no particular reason, and later there is a moment where the record seems to jump so everything can return at an increased volume.

This song’s strength is that it finds a way to appeal to my rock sensibilities while still belonging, unmistakeably, to the psychedelic genre.

Close your eyes, dreamers, and take a trip with 8udDha bl0od

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Review by Lisa Knight

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