Disparate Souls – I Know Me Emotively Haunting Acoustic Folk

If Disparate Souls aren’t already on your radar, can you really call yourself an acoustic folk pop fan?

With the release of their latest self-titled album, they have proven that their sound is about as quintessential as it gets. The standout track “I Know Me” is a rare soundscape which offers haunting intimacy alongside a glimmer of upbeat energy. Any fans of Tom Waits, Cohen, and Bob Dylan will appreciate the slightly archaic tonality of I Know Me. But Disparate Souls isn’t an artist who clings to nostalgia. There’s vibrant modernity found within the single which reflects the artist’s pioneering approach to sound.

I Know Me is the aural equivalent to someone smiling while their pain refracts through their eyes. There’s an analogy I never thought I’d write. But there are few other ways to allude to the potent emotion which runs through the full-bodied, captivatingly emotive single.

You can check out I Know Me along with the rest of the singles from their 2019 album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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