Detroit’s Saxappeal doesn’t want that messed up rush on his sexy new single, ‘Stay Here’

With a romantic atmosphere wafting through the curtains that might make us blush unexpectedly, Saxappeal shows us that peace and love without devious plans to trick anyone is actually the best way to live on, ‘Stay Here‘.

Saxappeal is a Detroit, Michigan-based indie jazz solo saxophonist/vocalist/music producer who makes music to connect with the core of humanity that needs that authentic love again.

His hopes are to touch people through his music, in ways they’ve yet to be touched.” ~ Saxappeal

Bringing our lives a kind single to really admire and slow dance with, Saxappeal has made a sweet song that is pure in nature and warm in context, that has been created at the perfect time. True love, not war, is what we need more reminding of after all wouldn’t you say?

Stay Here‘ from Detroit, Michigan-based indie jazz solo saxophonist/vocalist/music producer Saxappeal shows us a man who has decided that she could be the one. His eyes are lit up as he sees the light and you can feel the true love in his vocals, which are wrapped inside with that sensual sax sound of a real professional. This is a song for all the lovers out there who need reminding that taking time is key, not rushing and messing anything up.

Romance really is simple if we are able to correlate naturally.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more of his energy come to life as he inspires us all on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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