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Others Acting Sneaky: Detroit rapper Leopardhead brushes off the sketchy shadows as he gets in the zone with ‘Light Work’

As he cruises confidently with the real team who have shown their loyalty when many others have not, Leopardhead walks around in content mood with his new single all about putting in the legit ‘Light Work‘.

Leopard God aka Leopardhead, is a highly motivated Detroit, Michigan-based indie hip-hop artist, writer, music producer and actor.

This is the message about walking the correct path with those who you trust the most, as you ignore the foolish others who only seek to bring you down and destroy what you have built up from scratch. He raps with meaning and much vigor, with an underground performance which shows you his growing versatility and will to succeed at his chosen profession.

Light Work‘ from the Detroit, Michigan-based indie rapper and music producer Leopardhead, is a street-filled track all about going for your dreams no matter what others are doing behind your back. With the chance of getting involved in temptation so high, he has decided to go against the flow and do things the right way.

Looking in the mirror each day and not feeling ashamed of yourself – is the only way to be truly free and alive in this sneaky world full of fake sharks – ready to bite you at any opportunity you give them.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Showing Us The Way: Black Koncept drops deep six track EP ‘Mind Of Koncept’

With his Dad on the mind constantly and his deep thoughts recalling how the past almost destroyed him, Black Koncept inspires a whole generation to stay busy mentally and to never let the haunting demons take over on ‘Mind Of Koncept‘.

Black Koncept is a Detroit, Michigan-based indie hip-hop artist and basketball fan, who is massively into anime and comic books, as he smartly blends this true love into his vastly emotive music creations.

At 16 years old I began rapping due to a crippling depression from being neglected by my father , and constantly starving every day having to steal quarters to eat.” ~ Black Koncept

There are six quality tracks here and no fillers, with particular gems being the demon-filled lead single ‘Mind Of Koncept‘ and the use-the-pen anthem ‘Michael Myers‘.

With so much pain-filled lyrics at every emotional corner which leads you into those dark days he has unfortunately experienced that no one should, the constant theme of suicide is brought up multiple times on this EP. With a consistent flow attached and his savage lyrical skill on show – he shows much potential behind the mic – as he brings us into this movie-like world which was almost over before it began.

Luckily through music, he has been able to wisely distract himself from those ominous moments from before and shows us how quickly thoughts can build up and potentially destroy everything.

Mind Of Koncept‘ from the Detroit, Michigan-based indie rapper Black Koncept, brings us inside his deepest thoughts and is a warning sign for our youth to learn from. With so many people feeling like they just can’t continue – he has found that by using his daily energies creatively – this new mindset can bring you so much freedom to advance your life, into the happy medium universe you seek for that true self-love.

Only love and light shall and must succeed.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Find Me Underground: The Quiet Invisible looks for the torturous closure needed on ‘Catacombs’

As he quietly sneaks into the side of your awakened speakers after keeping it on the DL for a while, The Quiet Invisible perks our ears up with his latest single that will put you into a different frame of mind that you have ever encountered on the spooky-like ‘Catacombs‘.

The Quiet Invisible is a Gabe Downey-lead Detroit, Michigan-based music project with a real spike that hairs into your world, like a quickening heartbeat that can’t seem to stop. He makes that mysterious music which has you feeling rather thoughtful, as you open up the layers to see what seeps deep within its dusty surface.

The Quiet Invisible’s music originates from many years of musical exploration and experimentation – as well as guitars, basses, keyboards, and drums.” – The Quiet Invisible

Catacombs are man-made subterranean passageways for religious practice. Any chamber used as a burial place is a catacomb, although the word is most commonly associated with the Roman Empire.” – Wikipedia

Catacombs‘ from the absorbing Detroit, Michigan-based act The Quiet Invisible, shows us a song that might not be for everyone. It is however rather remarkable and extremely unique. His mind is currently thinking about the mission to go below what most of us see, so that he may get that much-desired closure that he needs to move on. In some way or form we all do, as there are people or moments that we would like to have back. Even for a few fleeting seconds. Life goes rather quickly so each moment does indeed matter.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see his IG music channel for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Still Missing You: Carmen Mi’Chelle is stuck with regret on the slick ‘Summer Baby’

Produced by Detroit’s own Jupyter, Carmen Mi’Chelle glides in superbly with her new single that is all about that sweet time when you are on holiday with no worries on ‘Summer Baby‘.

Carmen Mi’Chelle is a charming Neo-trap/soul singer, actress, model and writer. She is a multi-talented artist who has that pure voice which you can’t help but be entranced inside by her every truthful lyric.

This is the message about missing their touch — each kiss felt like you were in another world that you didn’t want to leave — as you wish you could go back to that memorable time, when you could turn you phone off and do whatever you liked.

Her vocals are so crisply textured onto our hungry and awaiting palates, as we soak up this marvelous talent who keeps it real throughout with her feelings and mixed emotions. The class is easy to see and hear, you feel like this is a vocalist that you will never forget and things are effortless and with much enjoyable vibration-filled pleasure.

Summer Baby‘ from the wonderful Carmen Mi’Chelle, gives us a real thrill of a track that has so much bounce and sweaty goodness. This is the story of missing that incredible person you met and you can’t forget, but you know that you need someone who is always going to be there for you. The heart wants what the heart desires however, and this can cause your mind to wonder into places you know you probably shouldn’t be.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out her IG music page for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

My Intuition: Rising Atlanta-based rapper Detroit YB breaks out the restrictive box with the street banger ‘No Rules’

With a formidable track so hard it will bust a massive hole through your brittle speakers with resolute vengeance, Detroit YB purposefully shows us into his win-now mentality on his inspiring new single ‘No Rules‘.

Detroit YB is a wordplay-filled Detroit-born, Atlanta-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer. He flows ruggedly with a determined venom that bites into the bars — and doesn’t let the grip go with his strong teeth– as he absolutely shreds the mic off into tiny pieces all over the floor.

This is the true story of how you can grow up troubled and with very few helpful role models, as the harsh struggle to suppress your built-up anger is so real and scary. You can however make it if you want it bad enough and are able to stay away from those tempting alleys — which call your name out greedily and with evil intentions — as the blood-suckers desperately want you inside their dastardly clutches, so they can sickeningly control your every thought and move.

The busty beat is full of warrior strength — as this is the haunting message of fighting away your skin-peeling demons — and opening your own doors to the top of the mountain, with that pure hard work and inner instinct to succeed. You feel his pain and cheer him on, his skill set is motivating and tremendously expressed. This is an unflinching man who sees where he needs to go now and will never give up.

No Rules‘ from Atlanta-based rapper and music producer Detroit YB, shows us a focused artist who is playing by his own script now, as he looks to bag that paper and get it stockpiled all over his skillful rhymes. This is that hustle track to lift you off the lazy couch — as you throw away the unhealthy junk food and only aim for the top — with a true raw emcee who is heading down the right road to ever-lasting enlightenment.

That deep-rooted intuition which is hard to explain, will always be your beaming light if you open up your eyes.

Stream this quality new single on Spotify and check out more news via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Outside My Brain: Detroit band Spyderhuff wonder if people ‘Think About Me’

With glistening vocals that have you listening closely to this true message of life, Spyderhuff carefully gaze outside and wonder intently what this complex world has come to on the true life new single ‘Think About Me‘.

Spyderhuff is an old school, life-long friend Detroit, Michigan band that fill our mind with intrigue with a potent blues-rock-country-techno mix, that will certainly rattle your senses awake.

Formed originally over fifty years ago by the underrated underground artists Tom Kuhr and Don Beyer, who both played in various jazz and rock bands back in the 70’s and 80’s, they have since added three more members to uplift our moods with a powerful five-piece team.

They perform with such passion and desire, each note has been perfectly formed to bring you that classic sound — as the lyrics are cleverly worded and have you thinking deeply — about how much time you unnecessarily think about others thinking about you.

Think About Me‘ from Detroit act Spyderhuff, lets us into a world that has changed from before, as the cellphones get more eye contact than ever before. The days of interacting innocently have changed forever, and we need to be self-aware enough to sift the real away from the fake, otherwise our minds get way too cluttered and battle to function like they should.

Hear more on YouTube link and check out the Facebook music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Make it go slower: Anthony J Fink is back with a heartfelt story of life on ‘Places We Go’

Anthony J Fink sings with so much love and tenderness on his brand new single about the journey called ‘Places We Go‘.

Detroit, Michigan-based indie singer-songwriter/pianist Anthony J Fink makes that authentic kind of music with timeless energies, that soars over the rest with a deep groove vibe and makes your speakers shake as you are put into a thoughtful mindset.

”Life is not a trophy to be won. Life is about the journey. Lets enjoy this chapter for what its worth.”-Anthony J Fink

He sings with so much truth lathered all over his voice and he speaks on the temptations around and all of the sad moments that the world is having right now. With so much loss and heartbreak around, this is an uplifting track that inspires us to look deeper than flash things to tempt us unnecessarily on TV and movies.

Places We Go‘ from multi-skilled Detroit artist Anthony J Fink will have you closing your eyes and thinking about what life really means to you and how you intend to live it. Time goes really fast and there are so many places to visit and people to meet and learn from. To be fully happy inside you shouldn’t have any regrets about achieving those dreams and aspirations you have.

When you experience a close personal loss like this genuine soul has, you want to make sure that you take the reigns in doing lots of adventures to full enjoyment- before its too late. This is a sentiment that we can all share and be truly inspired by.

Put your mind in a thoughtful place on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

ATMIG – Ah Hah: The Baroque Alt Folk Equivalent to John Carpenter’s ‘They Live’

Escape the 21st-century and slip into the sepia-tinged tones in Detroit-based alt-indie rock luminaries’, ATMIG’s, latest release ‘Ah Hah’ which chorally attacks the nature of consumerism and unfolds as the indie alt-folk equivalent of John Carpenter’s ‘They Live’.

Any fans of Amanda Palmer, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Smiths, The Cure and Echo and the Bunnymen will undoubtedly want to delve to cigarette smoke-stained indulgent single which spills alchemy through the infusion of shoegaze, rockabilly, indie rock and traditional folk.

If Ah Hah was any more absolving, I’m pretty sure I’d be antimatter right now.

Ah Hah was released on December 31st, you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Intrinsic melodies in abundance: Chandler Sedat drops debut single ‘No Way To Live’

US singer-songwriter Chandler Sedat is a fairly new artist but he shows growing maturing on ‘No Way To Live’, which is the new lead indie-rock single taken from his debut full seven-track album ‘Unknown‘.

Detroit, Michigan musician Chandler Sedat has always had music on his mind and kind of knew he would do what he loved. After finishing up with college in 2016, this is a self-motivated man who has been focusing on his music and mastering his production skills to the max.

His voice is strong and he sings with such purpose, the layers here are so intricately packed in a pulsating parcel as his hard work is brought to us over dreamy vocals.

The story of moving on from someone that doesn’t have time for you like they used to is a harsh reality that can only be seen when you are out of a picture. The snap of the camera gives you time to reflect and realize what you want to be, which is worth millions over a few cents of meaningless relationships that can end in seconds. The flame is now out and the memory will remain despite the wrongs of the past. Mistakes were made and the only way to move on is to forgive and learn from them.

Chandler Sedat is a special talent and ‘No Way To Live’ is an excellent song from the debut artist as he stamps his name on 2020.

Freshen up your earlobes on Spotify and catch up with Chandler on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kevin Bailey’s smooth flow wins the day on ‘Tony Spark’

Detroit’s Kevin Bailey is back in a big way with the bouncy Hip Hop track with R&B smoothness on ‘Tony Spark‘.

A no stress life is the way to go and this is the story here on this cruisin’ super fly style Hip Hop track. You just wanna keep it 420 and do the things you really want to do while reflecting on life. You just wanna the whole family with you otherwise it’s not fun to be successful. That is the aim, making it to the top and not letting go.

Tony Spark‘ is a Kevin Bailey special that certainly raises the pulse on this R&B and Hip Hop slider. This is an artist who’s music is perfect for those weekend vibes while you are with the crew and enjoying life. At the same time, you are happy to be alive and feel so blessed. The world is crazy right now but you can still get things done.

Stream this awesome song here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen