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So Many Demons in the Sand: jiji 09 drops the most sublime evening cruise track to vibe with (night_sand)

Mixing in his love for video games to entertain all ages inside his exhilarating whirlpool of discovery, jiji 09 sees the flashing lights and feels like things are getting outta hand with the bars-packed track to jam with, (night_sand).

jiji 09 is a 20 years old Detroit, USA-based alternative pop-rap artist who loves to blend in anime themes and makes the kind of expressively rousing music to keep bad moods at bay.

Youthfully exuberant and dusting off the mic with some aplomb, jiji 09 is in no mood to mess around. Lining up the night’s adventures and dropping something to jam with, we are treated to a fast-rising creative who has moved into his own lane of magnificence.

(night_sand) from Detroit, USA-based alternative pop-rap artist jiji 09 is a lyrically exceptional quick-flow thunderbolt which might edge many into a whole different galaxy. This is a party-like ice tea-sipping dancefloor slider if there ever was one.

Confident and looking towards the future, we find a dreamland single to snack on merrily when the munchies set in after a wild evening in the city.

Turn this up late at night on Spotify.

See more of the vision via the socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

RainbowJordyn embodied empowerment in their pop hit, I Love Me, featuring Arielle Cole & Evah Divah

For their latest single, I Love Me, the Detroit kid pop artist RainbowJordyn collaborated with Arielle Cole and Evah Divah to create two and a half minutes of pure pop wholesomeness.

With the ukulele melody sharing similarities with Somewhere Over the Rainbow, you’re enticed into a dreamy sugar-coated atmosphere before the backbeat kicks in under the compellingly empowered vocal lines, which show how sweet it is to know that self-love transcends all else.

RainbowJordyn clearly has a bright future ahead of them in the industry, noted through their ability to pull at the heartstrings and their natural performative ability. At 8 years old, they’re already as enlightened as musos that have been in the industry for decades.

Check out the single on SoundCloud or watch the official music video on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rocdwell is insatiably electric in his seminal hip-hop single, Enough is Not Enough

Around the old school luxe atmosphere, the luminary hip-hop artist Rocdwell broke the mould with his unfuckwithably fly single Enough is Not Enough. His visceral lust for life energised the hit to the nth degree, making the polished production the ultimate addition to your high-vibe hip-hop playlists.

Enough is Not Enough is the perfect introduction to the Detroit-hailing hip-hop artist’s soul-first approach to his minimalist motivational signature style, which plenty of other artists will undoubtedly want to forge after hearing the effortlessly inspirational smooth delivery. It is the kind of track you can listen to endlessly and still pull out fresh fragments of introspective gold, which Rockdwell is worth his weight in.

The experienced MC, who also runs under the moniker Chief Roc, has been involved in countless projects, but standing alone, the limelight definitively agrees with him.

Enough is Not Enough was officially released on March 27; check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Interview: Dehko negotiates with killers on Detroit-loaded rap-dance fusion, Tektroit

Sitting down with Dehko for a hugely revealing interview, we found out more about this massively talented artist who seems to have that entrenched self-motivated attitude needed to succeed. Telling us about his vision and the rise of Detroit music, we find a grounded visionary who is doing things his own way.

We thank you for sitting down with us Dehko. How are you today and how did you first start in this game?

Dehko: I’m doing great! I first started DJing at 12 years old. Started producing competently at 20 years old. I’m currently 24. It took me many years of studying the industry / big players to determine what my sound and style would be. I never wanted to be anyone else. Just me. My upbringing was Hip-hop in Detroit. I was exposed to dance music at 15 years old. I started playing a lot of Hiphop Dance mashups in my local city that nobody ever heard of or thought was possible. That eventually grew into me merging both genres together with my original mixes.

Please explain to us the process around your new album Tektroit.

Dehko: Detroit rap is very popular right now. It was my goal to create a new sound in dance music. I decided to try combining the local Detroit rap sound with my club dance original tracks. The first track ‘Infinity’ set the tone for the project. It wasn’t easy getting these rappers out of their comfort zones. Let alone getting them to agree to do a dance joint. The ones that agreed went all in. I was the director / DJ Khalid of the room. I had to manage these rappers to ensure they were timing right. All 11 rappers had a different process that I had to adjust to. After a few sessions, we got the hang of it. I recorded the entire album at Royal House Recording. Big thanks to Julian S. My engineer there who held it down with me the entire time.

Who inspires you most in the world?

Dehko: God & My father. I’m nothing without GOD. And nothing without my family who has had my back throughout this entire journey.

How did you get rappers to rap on dance tracks?

Dehko: Negotiating with killers…. The rappers on Tektroit are not a joke. They are big names with a long history. Snap Dogg, GT, GMO Stax, YBN LIL BRO, Ghetto Baby Boom, Baby Para, LIL GAZ, Forever Meech, WholeHunnid Los. All these guys earned their names. Some for their notorious hustling days. Some from their sound.

Growing up I was always in Detroit. Being chaldean my moms side had a liquor store in Detroit and my dad had a collision shop on 8 mile. I was always around the hood and when I grew up I was more connected than I ever thought because of my family and our history working in the D. I made some phone calls and the rappers were not far away. The hard part was explaining the Tektroit vision to them. Most of them have never even heard a dance record before. So it was a big challenge to overtake.

Please tell us more about your tour dates and where readers may find you next?

Dehko: March 24th.My Chicago Debut at Electric Hotel. Catch me in 2024 playing Movement Detroit. More tour dates are currently in the works.

What do you feel is next in your career?

Dehko: Tektroit Vol. 2 with bigger names. I want the T Grizzley, Peezy, Big Sean, Icewear Vezzo, Veeze, and 42 Duggs next. Vol. 1 is just a stepping stone. I want to build an empire off of both genres and bring them together. I also will be releasing remixes in 2023 based on the top 50 rap songs.

Last, how would you describe your music vision to someone who has never heard your music?

Dehko: A cross combination of Rap on top of House music. No dead spots. Always entertaining. Always hype. Something you can bop your head to and fist pump to in the same song.

Listen up on SoundCloud.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

I Can See Them Upset: Rxch x Charmaine Renee shows us the WALK grind on thirsty new track

With too much to lose to impress anybody, Rxch x Charmaine Renee brings us the heat on a majestic single to dance with all night long and this must-listen is called WALK.

Rxch is a well-respected songwriting prodigy and Detroit-based indie rapper who is joined by exemplary vocalist Charmaine Renee as they fuse rather incredibly lyrical masterpieces.

With the latest single off the new joint album entitled Rxch x Renee: A Love Story, these two have created a body-grooving sizzler to play rather loud. There is a fantastic fusion between two close souls, as this is an outstanding single made for those who like it real.

With a relatable story all about walking the walk and brushing off small-minded fools, we find two artists who show us the way forward in life.

WALK from Detroit-based indie rapper/vocalist combo Rxch x Charmaine Renee has dropped a rather inspiring track which will certainly edge up the voltage into our veins. There is a magnificent blend of carefully rolled bars to summon all the goodness to return to the world, in a few minutes of a quality gem to appreciate for its genuineness.

See this vid on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feel Your Taste: Eldric Laron has many romantic interests by the bundle on Risen

Known previously for his electric slam poetry, Eldric Laron turns up the sunshine and slides on those sunglasses in style with his smoothly assembled new single called Risen.

Eldric Laron is a Detroit, Michigan-based indie rapper, songwriter and music producer who has dealt with tough times and continues to elevate on all levels.

Recognized for his work as a member of the musical collective, Critical Theory, he continues to showcase his unique ability to story-tell, produce and create catchy melodies.” ~ Eldric Laron

Impressing us with a rather memorable single, Eldric Laron has the kind of rare skillset which could flip any perspective around no matter what the situation.

Risen from Detroit, Michigan-based indie rapper/music producer Eldric Laron is one of the more dynamic singles likely to be heard this year. Sizzling with honesty and wrapped in a coat of class, this is a rather fine song to turn up loud and proud.

Rising through our souls and elevating our minds to open up a new door, we find a rather soothing track to get exhilarated with.

Turn this up on Spotify. See more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

True Master: Detroit rock saviours The New Old swim through the Dark River

Carrying that glorious sound back from the underground with incredible aplomb, The New Old drop an astonishing single to play rather vehemently on the magnificent new release Dark River.

The New Old is a Detroit, USA-based indie rock band who is bringing back that classic sound which has been missing from the airwaves for years.

The New Old is about the groove. The New Old is about the roll. The New Old is brand new, old school rock n roll with funk in the trunk. Dig if you will the groove and swagger that is The New Old.” ~ The New Old

Summoning so much intensity and excellence from within while never backing down, The New Old is that genre-elevating outfit to save the day for many fans who miss authentic inventiveness to turn up loud.

Dark River from Detroit, USA-based indie rock band The New Old is a rollicking single to hitch up to tightly when that old school feeling is needed again. Scintillating the core and reminding hardcore fans of that previously missing vibrance, we find a truly top-notch song to get thrilled about.

Hear this top new song on YouTube. View more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying Not To Stare: Mirnaz feels that powerful spell controlling her on Eyes On You

Even after her loyal friends urged her to stay away for her own good, Mirnaz can’t stop herself as the powerful beam of intensity takes her for a ride that certainly excites every part of her thrilled body on Eyes On You.

Mirnaz is a rising Baghdad, Iraq-born, Detroit-based indie pop solo singer-songwriter who is a highly intriguing emerging artist who performs with such likeable purpose.

Sung with a classy desire that might take you back into a time and place where you felt like you were in a trance, Mirnaz impresses rather radiantly with a stunning performance to remember. Her vocals are rather lovely and with such a lively production, this is a track to be thrilled by.

Eyes On You from Baghdad, Iraq-born indie pop artist Mirnaz is a romantic story that will delight so many who have felt that surge of lightning in their souls before after meeting some who had you hooked before saying hello. Guiding us through the poignant moment in full detail, this is a romantic single that will find your heart beating slightly faster than before.

When those eyes lock for the first time and can’t let go, your whole body will spark into life.

Fulfill your curiosity on YouTube and see more of her life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Clamp Down With My Leg Inside His Jaws: Powers of the Monk shows us the strength of nature with Big Bear Little Man

Big Bear Little Man by Powers of the Monk

Showing us deeply into the truly disastrous incident of a rural man’s rather unfortunate encounter with a scary grizzly bear, Powers of the Monk is at their finest on a single to remember as you sleep in your bed tonight with one eye open on Big Bear Little Man.

Powers of the Monk are a Detroit, Michigan-based indie alt-Americana duo who are fused with that boot tapping blues and tremendously soulful roots.

Detailing that hungry growl and the deep rawness of a moment that can cause death rather brutally, Powers of the Monk ravage through the trees and show us into a gruesome description, which will shock many and features a quality sound to treasure. Their intricate skill set comes to the fore for all to witness, as they fantastically fuse a track together that shall claw slightly on your soft skin.

Big Bear Little Man from Detroit, Michigan-based indie alt-Americana duo Powers of the Monk is a warning for anyone who turns their back away from the dangers lurking in the rustling and wind-swept woods. Showing us deep inside that sun-soaked whiskey and soaring into our mindsets, this is a release with a storyteller’s delight on offer here.

Filled with raspy vocals and an ear-opening sound to wake you up from that afternoon nap, guiding us into the mentality of that wild animal who doesn’t know any better.

Listen up to this descriptive single on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Michigan-based artist Anthony J Fink returns with a breakup song to relate with on Road Trip

Released from his well-received recent 5-track EP called Feel The Rain, Anthony J Fink shows us that painful moment when he just couldn’t shake off that unforgettable feeling he dreads on Road Trip.

Anthony J Fink is a Detroit, Michigan-based indie rock singer-songwriter who is progressing so brightly with his introspectively brilliant music.

Seeing that familiar car with a new friend for company parked right next to it, Anthony J Fink takes a quick trip back to see a former flame and is rather sad by what he sees. Sung with a tremendously honest style, soaring vocals and a message that so many of us have felt in our lives unless we have been rather lucky in love-this is a single to close your eyes with-and remember a beautiful time in the past.

Road Trip from Detroit, Michigan-based indie rock singer-songwriter Anthony J Fink is a song you will find unable to shake off your mind. Placing a picture on this memory rather than going inside it again, as the breakup changed everything. With a vocal armoury that seems to shine brightly, this is a stunning single when you feel like going down the road of nostalgia. Not for too long, however.

Check out this new video on YouTube and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen