Dance On Me: South Carolina rapper RaSean Parks wants her to get low on ‘Lottie the Body’

Produced by Ashton Harris, RaSean Parks enthusiastically brings the new pop-it-like-its-hot club single to heat up our windows, on his new exotic release all about truly appreciating her performance on stage with ‘Lottie the Body‘.

KP Baby aka RaSean Parks, is a self-assured Columbia, South Carolina-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer. He is an exciting musician who raps with a freedom that eludes many, as he shows us what he gets up to on the weekends, and with life in general on each one of his tracks.

This is the sensual story of being in the club and showing love to the dance-skilled stripper on stage who has caught RaSean’s eye. She impresses him so much with her body-shaking skills, as he feels like each weekend is going to be a good one in her company.

On a quick-fire beat that has your head nodding, this is a new single performed with a real intention and the lyrics open up the door so we are let into the members area, as he gets his wallet out and shows that he might be her biggest fan at the moment.

Lottie the Body‘ from the confident Columbia, South Carolina-based rapper RaSean Parks, shows us a man who has a massive crush with a gorgeous woman who certainly knows her moves. A late-night track all the way, this is a speaker bass-filler that ramps up your mood salaciously – as you enter his world of desire – for this highly trained dancer, who is clearly on fire tonight.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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