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Dance On Me: South Carolina rapper RaSean Parks wants her to get low on ‘Lottie the Body’

Produced by Ashton Harris, RaSean Parks enthusiastically brings the new pop-it-like-its-hot club single to heat up our windows, on his new exotic release all about truly appreciating her performance on stage with ‘Lottie the Body‘.

KP Baby aka RaSean Parks, is a self-assured Columbia, South Carolina-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer. He is an exciting musician who raps with a freedom that eludes many, as he shows us what he gets up to on the weekends, and with life in general on each one of his tracks.

This is the sensual story of being in the club and showing love to the dance-skilled stripper on stage who has caught RaSean’s eye. She impresses him so much with her body-shaking skills, as he feels like each weekend is going to be a good one in her company.

On a quick-fire beat that has your head nodding, this is a new single performed with a real intention and the lyrics open up the door so we are let into the members area, as he gets his wallet out and shows that he might be her biggest fan at the moment.

Lottie the Body‘ from the confident Columbia, South Carolina-based rapper RaSean Parks, shows us a man who has a massive crush with a gorgeous woman who certainly knows her moves. A late-night track all the way, this is a speaker bass-filler that ramps up your mood salaciously – as you enter his world of desire – for this highly trained dancer, who is clearly on fire tonight.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Long Live Kurt Cobain: districtmela sends edgy tribute to the fallen legend on ‘Polly’

Bringing forth a remix to a well-known Nirvana classic track, districtmela sings with such determination and poise with his version of ‘Polly‘.

districtmela is a talented Columbia, South Carolina-based producer, RnB/soul and indie rock singer-songwriter. He likes to chop up different genres into his creative bowl to inspire others to reach their goals, no matter what type of music it is.

You feel his heartfelt passion to make this a special moment and opens the door back ajar to when Kurt wrote this haunting song, filled with a story that still shocks many.

His voice goes back in time – as he fingers follow with skillful abandon on his guitar – each note played with such a gritty style, that has you off the edge of your seat at times.

Polly‘ from the multi-talented Columbia, South Carolina-based producer/indie-rock artist districtmela, shows us a man who remembers the fallen great with such admiration. This is a song that is an instant classic, and is performed with such dignity and polish from a respectful artist, who shows love for a lost legend.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Before The Lights Go On: Cardiff’s Columbia drop lyric video for lively new single ‘Meet Me at Dawn’

Bringing us their top shelf sound with a zestful story about those temptations in the early hours after a night out, Columbia are dynamic on their new single called ‘Meet Me at Dawn‘.

Cardiff, Wales-based Columbia bring us that terrific rock n roll sound, as they light up the skies with that stunning and effortless delivery that reminds you of good times, as they mesh a captivating experience for the soul to deliciously immerse into with a huge smile on your eager face.

As we enter the story of a world where the night has finished but you want to be with them when you go home, even if you are both not really into it. You sense that they are in another place and this crushes your soul, as something keeps you going back even if you know you probably shouldn’t peruse this.

They thunderously stroll in with loads of confidence on a vigorous single packed full of powerful solos and passionate vocals that is a breathtaking listen, full of world class appeal.

Meet Me at Dawn‘ from excellent Cardiff indie rock band Columbia, is a bluesy riff-lovers dream – as this is a song that shows you that the heart wants what it shouldn’t want sometimes – as you just don’t want to be alone in this unsocial world full of self-doubt and anxiousness.

See the tremendous lyric video on YouTube and see their IG for future gig news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

An ode to celebrate our Mothers: Colombian Family man Karval brings us a classic on ‘Tu Sabes’ featuring the legend Lisandro Meza

An ode to celebrate our Mothers: Family man from Columbia Karval brings us a classic on ‘Tu Sabes’ featuring the legend Lisandro Meza.

This is a real song for the times that we are in, a song that speaks of love for the family, of wanting to hug their parents, but which in turn raises a prayer for those who they are no longer with us. This is a terrific message as lot of the world will certainly feel this notion. With a groovy style, with cinematic backdrops, this is a terrific new single for 2020.

Undoubtedly, this is an important stage of Karval’s career, as ‘Vivo Sabroso‘, ‘Take Out Al Borracho‘, ‘Feo Pero Formalito’, among others have been big hits back home and overseas too. You can also see the respect that Karval has for Lisandro, he looks up to him and they make quality music together.

This is a great song, no only because of its rhythm and lyrics, but also because of the teamwork of these two great artists, this is a sincere tribute that Karval shows to the great teacher Lisandro Meza. This is a real song that shows the respect these two have for each other: the rising star and the established legend. They only want to make great music and unite their country.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen