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Run It Up: Soulful South Carolina rapper Young Jay invests the bills on ‘Mama 2nd Backbone’

Taken off his recently released eight-track album named ‘Grown Man Confessions(Laid-back Version), Young Jay shows love to the one who he truly cares for as he builds up those finances to truly blossom with freedom on ‘Mama 2nd Backbone‘.

Shamar Harrison aka Young Jay, is a dance impersonator, music producer and indie hip-hop artist who is based in Manning, South Carolina.

After purely focusing on singles before, it feels like he is on a life-altering mission to move up a few notches and shows much growth on this mature new single.

With cleanly painted raps that has your mind wrapped vividly into the true story about looking after someone so important that needs you, he flows on a busting beat that has you thinking rather introspectively about your own journey in life. That helping hand you are providing in the time of need, is the only way to look into the mirror with an honest smile after all.

Mama 2nd Backbone‘ from the Sumter, South Carolina-born, Manning, South Carolina-based indie rapper Young Jay, is a track all about showing appreciation for the woman who raised him right. He could of got involved in gangs and found that easy money, but stayed straight and wants to do things the correct way for that long-lasting success.

Made with an assured tone – this is an uplifting release all about doing it his way and avoiding the noise – that will ultimately end up being the road to true success.

Hear this new track on Audiomack and see more news on his IG.

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Dance On Me: South Carolina rapper RaSean Parks wants her to get low on ‘Lottie the Body’

Produced by Ashton Harris, RaSean Parks enthusiastically brings the new pop-it-like-its-hot club single to heat up our windows, on his new exotic release all about truly appreciating her performance on stage with ‘Lottie the Body‘.

KP Baby aka RaSean Parks, is a self-assured Columbia, South Carolina-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer. He is an exciting musician who raps with a freedom that eludes many, as he shows us what he gets up to on the weekends, and with life in general on each one of his tracks.

This is the sensual story of being in the club and showing love to the dance-skilled stripper on stage who has caught RaSean’s eye. She impresses him so much with her body-shaking skills, as he feels like each weekend is going to be a good one in her company.

On a quick-fire beat that has your head nodding, this is a new single performed with a real intention and the lyrics open up the door so we are let into the members area, as he gets his wallet out and shows that he might be her biggest fan at the moment.

Lottie the Body‘ from the confident Columbia, South Carolina-based rapper RaSean Parks, shows us a man who has a massive crush with a gorgeous woman who certainly knows her moves. A late-night track all the way, this is a speaker bass-filler that ramps up your mood salaciously – as you enter his world of desire – for this highly trained dancer, who is clearly on fire tonight.

Hear this new audio on YouTube and see more news on IG.

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In My Zone: Keylo Jsr is the triple threat on the money-maker ‘Zon3’

He wishes that she was right next to him right now but knows that the trust is there so they can kiss through the phone, as the rejuvenated Keylo Jsr gets into the right mindset to make that ‘Zon3‘.

Keylo Jsr is a driven indie rapper based in Greenville, South Carolina. The Queens, New York-born artist makes that enlightened music as he was behind bars for over five years, so had plenty of time to work out what he wanted from life. Long-term success is what he is after – as he drops proven bars that slam down with much-appeal – to have you inspired by his true redemption story.

This is the type of track that is rapped confidently with so much certain conviction, as he has your ears locked into to a destination of peace and ever-lasting comfort that so many fail to see with their small-minded minds.

He knows that she believes in him and vice-versa, his mind is relaxed and their love is so real. This is the message of putting faith into those caring eyes that are interwoven so naturally, no matter how far your beating hearts are from each other.

Zon3‘ from the highly motivated and excuse-less South Carolina RnB/hip-hop artist Keylo Jsr, is a riveting display from an artist on a mission to let his girl know, that he is there for her no matter what. He refuses to let the distance get to him – as he flows with such a skilled ambiance – which has you overwhelmed at times by his smooth quality.

This is that get-into-the-vibe music which shows us a skilled emcee who has only used his past failures to enhance his life, not the opposite. Music heals all wounds after all.

Stream this single on Spotify and check out more visuals on his IG music page.

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Long Live Kurt Cobain: districtmela sends edgy tribute to the fallen legend on ‘Polly’

Bringing forth a remix to a well-known Nirvana classic track, districtmela sings with such determination and poise with his version of ‘Polly‘.

districtmela is a talented Columbia, South Carolina-based producer, RnB/soul and indie rock singer-songwriter. He likes to chop up different genres into his creative bowl to inspire others to reach their goals, no matter what type of music it is.

You feel his heartfelt passion to make this a special moment and opens the door back ajar to when Kurt wrote this haunting song, filled with a story that still shocks many.

His voice goes back in time – as he fingers follow with skillful abandon on his guitar – each note played with such a gritty style, that has you off the edge of your seat at times.

Polly‘ from the multi-talented Columbia, South Carolina-based producer/indie-rock artist districtmela, shows us a man who remembers the fallen great with such admiration. This is a song that is an instant classic, and is performed with such dignity and polish from a respectful artist, who shows love for a lost legend.

Stream this 90’s throwback track via Spotify or Apply Music and see more news on IG.

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Emotions run high: Alexis Perry brings tears to our cheeks and fascinates beyond belief on ‘Murder in Suburbia’

Taken off her brand new EP called ‘American Beauty‘, Alexis Perry pulls tight on your heart strings with the stunningly sad visuals for ‘Murder in Suburbia‘.

Charleston, South Carolina indie-pop singer-songwriter and vocalist extraordinaire Alexis Perry, makes that special music to urge your heart to heart a bit faster, while she grabs hold of it tight- to make sure you are really listening.

With a vibrant voice that you can’t shake off quickly, you get lost inside her creation and smile to yourself as you know you are seeing someone so beautifully unique, in this often fake copycat world.

Inspired by Southern American literature, murder mysteries, and astrology, this is a true creative that isn’t interested in filling any genre at all and instead, makes her own.

This is a music video that will wrap your head in plastic, as you try and work it all out like a Detective, only to realize that you have missed the point. When you come across a magnetically talented woman like this, instead of trying to fit it all into your own box, you need to instead let her run free to let the creation evolve, in order to see what happens next.

Her vocals tell a mysteriously fascinating story as she looks directly at the lifeless body wrapped in plastic- with lyrics about climbing through windows, sneaking into the dark of the night, tearing homes apart while she cries, is an emotionally scaring picture, as her voice shreds through your speakers and your eyes open wide. You feel her pain and keep on listening so close, as you immerse yourself into her story into the garage with the door shut- as you wonder where the story is headed.

In any good mystery story, you don’t get to the end after four minutes and fifty four seconds. This is a supremely talented musician who is slowly letting us in, to show us that she is only getting started and we need to be ready for the next chapter.

Murder in Suburbia‘ from South Carolina’s Alexis Perry is a stunning song and one that is sung so purely by a singer with so much potential, despite her young age. She seems like an old soul that puts her heart and soul into every note. We might be witnessing an emergence of special talent, right before our very eyes.

See this cinematic music video on YouTube and find out more via her IG.

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The tough get going: Brett Weller runs through the walls of his past on ‘Marathon’

Brett Weller is done with the sprints around his mind and is ready to take on the ‘Marathon‘ of life on this soul-stirring new single.

Usually a blues, rock and funk artist, the humble family man Louisiana/Mississippi border-born and now Charleston, South Carolina-based indie artist Brett Weller, brings us more of an uplifting electronic rock and synth pop vibe for this inspirational track, to awaken your senses.

This is the poignant story of how you need to lace your own shoes in life, take responsibly for your actions and retrain your mind to prevent past struggles from cropping up again- so you can run head first towards the future. Your own mind is the blockage from spreading goodness in this world and if you can fix your own pipes, you can stream free and be happy inside the deepest part of your soul.

His voice is so joyful and he sings with such freedom and passion that fills your speakers with hope. We have all felt like we could do with some hope sometimes to push us in the right direction and this feels like one of these moments. The production matches this musicians goals as they blend his voice with stunning soundscapes of grace and spiritually-positive enlightenment.

Marathon‘ from South Carolina indie artist Brett Weller is a real spirit-guiding track that shows us that we can rise up, show strength for those we care about and run through the ashes of our past life. You can’t change what happened before but you can make your future better by being self-disciplined and by believing in yourself, you immediately open the door for good things to happen.

The tough ones that want it the most, usually win after all.

Hear this promising single with plenty of real meaning on Soundcloud and see more of his story on IG.

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Finding the one: Grant Nesmith only has ‘Dreams Of The Coast’ on soul-filling new indie-rock single

Grant Nesmith has just finished waxing his latest 11-track album called ‘Dreams Of The Coast‘, and enters the ocean of our minds with the lead single of the same name, that makes you feel happy and mellow inside your deepest soul.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-based indie surf-rock solo singer-songwriter Grant Nesmith, brings his wildest dreams to our welcoming reality, with a sun-kissed track that rides the barrel inside that hollow wave and comes out smiling from ear to ear. He makes that easygoing type of acoustic music that your whole family loves, as he sings with such smooth energy that transmits only peace and love into our lives.

This is the story about catching that wave that you have been imagining all week long. Its about the time spent in the ocean as you drift into natures beauty, respecting it all and chasing that perfect ten that is ever-elusive. Looking for the once is a life-long pursuit, that you only understand when its you and the ocean, face to face.

Dreams Of The Coast‘ from the mellow Myrtle Beach, USA singer-songwriter Grant Nesmith, is the perfect tonic to those missing the ocean or needing inspiration again after a dark and gloomy year. He sings with that genuine joy in his voice and you can tell that he performs with only true intentions in place.

Daydreaming about your purest passions and joys within, is the only way to truly be happy. Actually putting them into action and doing what you love, is the next step to ultimately fulfilling those passions to levels that you can’t even fathom yet, until you actually do them.

Stream this wave-crashing track on Spotify and see more surf vibes on IG.

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South Carolina’s Brett Weller sings to summer days on ‘Carolina Sun’

Former New Orleans native, singer-songwriter Brett Weller sends us a summer anthem here with his brand new indie rock fused ‘Carolina Sun‘.

Set for release on 27th August, this is a riveting indie rock reflection into the sun. The solos are fantastic and get the pulse rising just like you want it to. This is a soul message that leaves you feeling you are out on the road, looking for that perfect sunset. This sultry sun-soaked song simmers in the BBQ as you reflect on life’s adventures.

After moving his family to South Carolina in 2020, indie-rocker Brett Weller soon felt the effects of quarantine and the impact it has had on the whole event industry. Despite the challenges of navigating a new season of life during a pandemic, the singer-songwriter is riding a fresh wave of music inspiration that has been bubbling in his veins. Brett has begun working with Atlanta based producer, Matt Jackson, making a mesh of electronic rock and synth pop vibes.

Mixed and mastered by Grammy Award winner, Darrell Thorp, the debut single ‘Carolina Sun‘, this is the song from Brett Weller we have all been waiting for. With a road-trip theme tune, we can all enjoy summer days with this on loud.

Stream here for the Soundcloud link.

Click here to see more on Facebook.

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David Givens shows us his strong vocals on new R&B track ”Delusional”

South Carolina native David Givens is a USA based singer-songwriter who performs mainly Pop/R&B and EDM.

Delusional” is the new and powerful single release from Trinidadian David Givens and he gives it all on this one. With a strong voice and lots of passion, this experienced singer impresses on this new song. This is all about knowing someone that things that they have control over you but they don’t at all. David makes it very clear that this isn’t the case in no uncertain terms.

David began performing when was a child and began his life as a pull-time performer in 2015. He maintains his proud Southern Gospel influence he gained growing up in Green Pond in South Carolina.

After the success of his previous work, David is hard at work with his upcoming album ”Phoenix” which is set to drop in 2021. This is a fine musician with a bright future as he has what it takes to reach the top.

Stream this new track right here on Spotify.

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AJ Tweek factory resets the Hip Hop game with ”Eye/Eye”

Have you ever stumbled onto a Hip Hop track with such a dope flow that it blows your mind? You admire the wild creativity and wonder how on earth they created this underground masterpiece. This is one of those times. AJ Tweek is the name and his new track ”Eye/Eye” has such a prodigiously groovy beat with galaxy-grabbing rap skills.

Summerville is a town in the U.S. state of South Carolina. This is the home of the wonderfully unique Emcee named AJ Tweek. Remember this name. He believes that he is from space and has been sent here by an old friend. I believe he has been sent back in time to refresh the Hip Hop game and factory reset this proud genre from it’s currently disappointingly stagnant time.

AJ Tweek’s flow is like no other and the way he toys with his audience with his completely unconventional way of spitting bars on a beat, that has been perfectly designed for this tricksters signature style. Summerville Storyteller Tweek’s stories of life are truly fascinating, this is a wise youngster who has lived life, attempted to teleport out of school and who has just brought much-needed freshness to the stale Rap game.

Get this song in your ears immediately on AJ’s SoundCloud.

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