Mo Zowayed – Gypsy Queen: Quaint as Folk

It would seem that any musician capable of playing a few chords dubs themselves as a Folk artist these days. Yet it is artists such as Mo Zowayed that proves just what Folk should sound like.

The acoustic singer songwriter has dug deep in the roots of Folk to recreate those incandescently uplifting vibes that you just can’t resist being enveloped by. Mo Zowayed’s vocals are simultaneously raw and polished which means that you’re treated to a resonant vocal offering which brings the sweetly penned lyrics to life. The use of the strings within the instrumental mix was an excellent move to make the track more than just one man and his guitar. With his captivating approach to Bluegrass I have no doubt that the artist will come to be universally adored.

More than anything it was the sentiment behind Gypsy Queen which really moved me. We’ve all encountered people who put up an icy wall for self-preservation, but could anyone ever possibly resist Mo Zowayed’s playful demolition of their façade?

You can check out Mo Zowayed’s latest single Gypsy Queen on SoundCloud now; any fans of the Levellers will be absolutely in heaven with this track. Gypsy Queen was just one of the stunning singles from the Folk artists latest EP ‘the New York Times’.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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