Color Channel Releases “Meadows” – A Colourful Painting Of Sounds

Characterised with a particularly unique sense of texture in their sound, Color Channel will have you grooving along immediately to their brand new track “Meadows.” This Boston based group skilfully moulds a unique style through influences of dance, psychedelic pop and a little bit of funk as well, creating a sound which is truly authentic and inimitable. Apart from this, a strong sense of balance and equilibrium in sonorities can be observed in their music, where literally every sound is fundamental to make up the whole picture.

As the song “Meadows” evolves from psychedelic out of tune guitar sounds into a solid groove, the steady introduction of synth bass sounds together with the cool and funky sporadic guitar riffs will pull you in and without even realising you will be grooving along and dancing to this cool dance groove. What is most fascinating about it though is the way all the sounds come together. Every note has its place and with a certain simplicity in arrangement the music comes to life effortlessly. Overall “Meadows” is just one of those songs which express a sound that goes beyond stylistic pigeonholes and categories. It is music that is crafted with a good sense of balance and a groove that will make you move.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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