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Finding that deep sleep mood: Sound Science fascinates with the sleepy wonder single ‘Dreamcatcher’

Sound Science embraces our inner consciousness with the soothingly excellent new single called ‘Dreamcatcher‘.

Garrett Rieks aka Sound Science, is an Iowa-based tech writer and singer-songwriter, who makes that specially sauced type of music that has that intriguing psychedelic pop layered just right for our battered souls.

This is the calming story about grabbing your cozy blanket and letting your body rest after the long twelve months of madness. This feels like an escape from the new normal thanks to the calming dream-catcher that helps you sleep.

His voice is so relaxing and your eyes are closing slowly, as you feel like you can survive tomorrow. With an intriguing electro-pop beat that simmers in like it is from another planet, this is a unique track that is made with that pure love of music.

Dreamcatcher‘ from Iowa’s Sound Science, is that cool-breeze kind of song that you close your eyes to at night, while you are laying in bed and can’t sleep. His soothing voice combined with a fascinating beat, makes this is a thoroughly entertaining listen. You imagine being all snug in bed with a hot cuppa tea and staring at your cleverly-made treasure- that adds so much value to your soul.

When you need some peace and quiet in life, you have to think outside the box and do what you need in order to get back to winning ways. Dreaming brightly is the way to unlocking that inner energy, that only comes when you get a proper rest.

Get your music fix here on Soundcloud and see his emerging journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lavender Sunday has released their psychedelically sweet Indie Synthpop single “Keep Your Heart”

Keep Your Heart is the latest psychedelically sweet feat of Indie Bedroom Pop from Pittsburgh-based artist Lavender Sunday. It is also one of the most instantaneously accessible tracks we’ve heard this year.

With the escapism and the catharsis which the extended-length track offers, you can prepare to be taken on a distinctively soul-soothing aural trip. Hit play and you can expect to hear lush synths lead a kaleidoscopically soothing arrangement which creates the perfect platform for the light and choral vocals which will enamour fans of the Beatles of Shoegaze bands alike.

With the video game-style effects and the boldly high vocal notes, there’s a playful sense of experimentalism which adds an endearing element to the track. We’re already stoked to hear what Lavender Sunday has in the pipelines.

You can check out Keep Your Heart for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

THE LON TALBOT GROUP make their debut with “Mrs. “K” is a Grandmother, Twice”

THE LON TALBOT GROUP have made their debut with the absurdly titled, yet inventively orchestrated single “Mrs. “K” is a Grandmother, Twice”; Expect a smorgasbord of Psychedelic Pop, Sweet Funk with a side serving of satirical Punk attitude.

THE LON TALBOT GROUP may have borrowed plenty of stylistic elements from the past, but the charisma which Mrs. “K” is a Grandmother, Twice was created with makes it a contemporarily irresistible and slightly guilty earworm. If you could imagine a mash-up between Magazine, Frank Zappa, and the Beatles, you’d get a good idea of the eclectic soundscape which is awaiting you if you press play.

There’s palpable up-vibe energy behind the up and coming band’s debut track, it’s going to be pretty exciting to see what follows.

You can check out the debut single from THE LON TALBOT GROUP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Color Channel Releases “Meadows” – A Colourful Painting Of Sounds

Characterised with a particularly unique sense of texture in their sound, Color Channel will have you grooving along immediately to their brand new track “Meadows.” This Boston based group skilfully moulds a unique style through influences of dance, psychedelic pop and a little bit of funk as well, creating a sound which is truly authentic and inimitable. Apart from this, a strong sense of balance and equilibrium in sonorities can be observed in their music, where literally every sound is fundamental to make up the whole picture.

As the song “Meadows” evolves from psychedelic out of tune guitar sounds into a solid groove, the steady introduction of synth bass sounds together with the cool and funky sporadic guitar riffs will pull you in and without even realising you will be grooving along and dancing to this cool dance groove. What is most fascinating about it though is the way all the sounds come together. Every note has its place and with a certain simplicity in arrangement the music comes to life effortlessly. Overall “Meadows” is just one of those songs which express a sound that goes beyond stylistic pigeonholes and categories. It is music that is crafted with a good sense of balance and a groove that will make you move.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja