Clapham band Matty Long and The LoveGuns raise the standard on ”Sunshine Love”

Matty Long and The LoveGuns are a 4-piece indie rock act from South London and these talented lads are back with the funky-fresh single called ”Sunshine Love”.

You will need to turn your phone off, put your shades on turn up the volume for this one. With the click of a tape being injected into the old school player, I got the feeling that this had to be a good song. This is indeed the case and the Clapham-based band press play on 2020 with this fine release. This is a summer track for sure, with the excellent guitar solo’s, raw vocals and rumbustious drums. This is a band on the rise and they know it.

Sunshine Love” from Matty Long and The LoveGuns is about that summer love, good and bad decisions. This is a groovy song with world class musicianship from the fast-rising London band who must be itching to get back on stage.

Matty Long and The LoveGuns are one the UK’s most promising acts and they rock out to incredible heights on their new single. This is an essential listen indeed as the exciting band raise the standard of songs in 2020.

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Facebook is the place to find out when the boys are live again.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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