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The Air Outside Is Freezing: South London’s Prince of Sweden finds his true home on ‘As Good A Place As Any’

After blessing us with the visuals for ‘If You Speak to Her, Tell Her Thanks for Me‘ from the middle of 2020, Prince of Sweden returns with his unmistakably soothing style on his next gem called ‘As Good A Place As Any‘.

James Phippen aka Prince of Sweden, is a thoughtfully self-aware indie-rock singer-songwriter who hails from the calm countryside, who now calls South London in England his home.

Prince of Sweden’s influences range from the 60s infused rock’n’roll of the Arctic Monkeys, to the slow folk ballads of Leonard Cohen.” ~ Prince of Sweden

With a tranquil energy in much-abundance, you feel like you are listening to a true underdog who makes a sterling blend of music memories, which firmly fills the cold air outside, with a magnificent ambiance of warm contemplation inside your healing soul.

His voice is consistently excellent – as he takes us into a world of delightfully honest melodies – which has you feeling in a mellow-trance state of much-needed reflection.

Live from a dark room” was recorded and filmed in a day in a friend’s living room with gaffer tape on the windows.” ~ Prince of Sweden

As Good A Place As Any‘ from the soulful South London indie-rock singer-songwriter Prince of Sweden, is a soothing song which has you feeling so evaluative on what you truly value. Some want that excitement of travelling the world, whilst others just want to feel safe and happy in a calming place. This is that true story of just wishing for that ever-elusive peace, as you begin to think that where you are now, is actually just perfect after all.

Hear this superb effort on Spotify and see more of his journey on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Give Up: South London Gospel artist Femi Ajayi prays for guidance to battle through his ‘Thoughts’

As he asks for help from up above as his mind swirls into temptations he wants to avoid, Femi Ajayi inspires us to reach up and raise the standard of our mindset to be better on ‘Thoughts‘.

Femi Ajayi is a full-time pharmacist and South London based Gospel singer-songwriter. He makes that faith-based music which has been organically created to help others who believe in the same journey, to have strength during these tough times.

With influences ranging from Kirk Franklin to Luther Vandross, his desire is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ; hope and love through music.” ~ Femi Ajayi

He sings with such a true tone that has you believing each word, as he holds out his hand and asks others to join him on the path of recovery. Each sentence is sung with an inner power that takes him up into the clouds, so he may heal and never have his mind taken to places he knows aren’t where he needs to be.

Thoughts‘ from the insightful South London Gospel artist Femi Ajayi, shows us the inner mindset of a man who believes that any issue can be solved if you ask God for help. With a smooth voice and an enlightened attitude, he sings with a tone that will surely inspire many to never give up, no matter what obstacles are in your path.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Time After Time: The transcendent Georgia Duncan searches for that true peace on ‘Golden Ribbons’

Released off Hertha Records, Georgia Duncan shows extreme quality beyond what your racing mind can fathom with ‘Golden Ribbons‘, which is taken off her stunning just-dropped four-track EP called ‘The Light‘.

Georgia Duncan is a supremely elegant, highly conscious indie-folk South London-born singer-songwriter and music workshop facilitator. She makes that peaceful music that is all about how the world needs to be way better, as we blindly go from one war to another, whilst unwittingly adding fuel to the fire as we go.

You feel her calming presence right by your side as she sings like someone you would want to have a proper conversation with about current affairs- as she possesses a style that has you hooked instantly – each word has been carefully crafted and made with a timeless appeal for the ages. The intimate soundtrack here has been so well put together and this feels like you are stuck in time, thinking so deeply about what we can do better to live in much-needed peace.

Golden Ribbons‘ from the focused South London-born indie folk singer-songwriter Georgia Duncan, shows us a wonderfully self-aware and talented woman who knows that her music is beyond what she thought it would be. Her voice is marvelously in tune and she makes meaningful strides to show that art can actually make a difference, with what is going on around the world and what has to change. This is something really special that gives you welcome shivers of excitement.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more news on her IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Don’t Need To Match Them: South London singer Salliefoyeh urges us to see our own fire on the sumptuous ‘Young Dreamer’ (Look Inside) (feat. The K. Collective)

Powered by The K. Collective, Salliefoyeh has our hearts in a real spin of delight with her latest single all about being where you need to be on ‘Young Dreamer(Look Inside).

Salliefoyeh is a classy British-Malaysian-Nigerian, South London-based indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter and writer. Influenced by legends such as Lauryn Hill and Corinne Bailey Rae, you feel her terrific tone form a real daydream all of your body, as you just sit back and take each word in.

This is the lovely story about firing that fire inside yourself as you are actually special, no matter what else anyone says or does to bring you down. The key is to always dream brightly and to never forget that you can be whoever you want to be, if you believe it enough and stay grounded always.

You feel her smooth voice shine through so brightly, just like after the rain has fallen and the summer sky powers through. The production is first-class and stamps a happy face all of your dial, the combination is a breath of fresh air that feel so right.

Young Dreamer(Look Inside) (feat. The K. Collective) from the wonderfully sultry South London RnB starlet Salliefoyeh, shows us into the mind of a confident young artist who has that inner imagination that you just can’t teach. She sings with such an inspirational style and reminds us that we are actually exactly where we need to be right now. Free your mind and be yourself is the way forward, not comparing yourself with anything or anyone else.

Stream this electric new single on Spotify and see more via her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Miss Garbo avert archetypes in their latest love song, ‘Every Other Week’.

South London’s soul outfit, Miss Garbo, released their latest single, Every Other Week, on May 21st; the founding members, Louise O’Hara and Andy Chapman have exactly what it takes to become the Sonny & Cher of this generation.

The easy guitar melodies coalesce with the ardent harmonic ebbs and flow from O’Hara’s endlessly mesmerising vocals as they stay true to the storytelling style of folk while incorporating elements of soul-pop.

Every Other Week is dedicated to anyone who has been in a complex romantic situation. Given that Monogamy isn’t a one size fits all kind of affair anymore, it is incredibly refreshing to hear this social paradigm shift reflected honestly in one of the most relatable love songs that you’ll hear this year.

Every Other Week is available to stream and download on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

That Tasty Beat: South London producer Junior Sagoe brings that special sauce to satisfy our hunger for real music on ‘Otsuru’

Taken off his latest ten-track album full of hot tracks all over the place called ‘Heat Rock‘, Junior Sagoe is absolutely superb on the new single called ‘Otsuru‘.

Junior Sagoe is a South London producer, DJ, jazz and hip-hop music student, who monumentally fuses that classic old school feel that was inspired from those young days, listening to his dad’s old soul records.

You feel his self-aware energy spread tenderly all over his latest wondrous creation, as he takes us for an enlightening ride through different constellations that has you learning about yourself, like you never though possible before. He has an authentic layer lathered all over this tremendous track that will certainly put you in a better head space, away from the gloom and doom that does nothing but bring you down into the undesirable dumps of despair.

Otsuru‘ from South London producer Junior Sagoe, is a soul fulfilling instrumental experience that has you in a peaceful daze – as you look above and build up your strength again – so you can follow those dreams you have been manifesting for so long. This is that heart-healing type of music that replenishes all of your lost momentum and has you feeling at peace with oneself for the better.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more visuals from his journey.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feeling so good: Tee Official tells us about his journey to being ‘King of the Hill’

With confidence in droves and with a riveting rap delivery, Tee Official shows us up the mountain to where he’s at on ‘King of the Hill‘.

Nigerian/UK emcee Tee Official is an emerging Peckham-born, Thamesmead-raised, South London-based hip-hop artist, who makes that impressively raw British street-hop that is has you listening intently all the way through.

This is the story of feeling like assured, as things are going well right now and you need to be more respected in the game. The fly ladies are noticing your style which could get you into trouble one of these days, but for now the crew is tight and the night is very young.

He raps with that inner conviction that everything is going to work out, as the lights up the mic to shred some seriously impressive bars over a catchy beat, that has your head nodding for hours.

King of the Hill‘ from the hungry South London rapper Tee Official, is that bouncy street track to play at the house party, or for when you are out with the crew looking for snacks to devour later on. He raps with that impressive flow that is sure to have you playing his music for days and imagining him playing live at a massive festival, to fully get a true sense of his artistic quality.

Hear this hot track here on Spotify and see his stylish ways on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Grind into motion: MJR and Davlo make it clear that they are stepping over the ‘Bullshit’

Swerving around bad news in the papers like skilled professionals, MJR and Davlo drop their excellent new single about avoiding undesirable mainstream thinking on ‘Bullshit‘.

Davlo is a quality British/Indian-based hip-hop/pop producer and songwriter, who is best known for working with various singers and rappers worldwide, in order to find his optimal sound for global domination. He joins forces on this top track with established South London, England/Dublin, Ireland-based emcee MJR, on this clever barrage of deep beats and witty punchlines, that pushes haters to foul trouble rather quickly in this game.

With a supremely likable flow, fully of witty lines about how some people like to bring their drama to you without permission, the fine production only magnifies this to a high level of enjoyment for hip-hop fans. The deluge of bounce here has you scoring three pointers all day with your eyes closed.

This is the true story of ignoring the doom-and-gloomers and the small-minded people who fill up your DM’s with nonsense, as you fly above all of that and just keep on grinding, as you know that this is the only way to stay focused and productive.

Bullshit‘ from UK emcee MJR and producer Davlo, is a marvelous portrayal of what life has been like lately, with so many groans instead of working hard like these two have. With a monumentally catchy flow and a sumptuously desirable beat, this is an easy-on-the ear music vaccine for our willing veins, to soak up greedily.

Some people will always try and bring you down no matter what, but as long as you have the right mindset and keep on shooting, you will always win.

Hear this top new track on Spotify and see more visuals on Davlo and MJR’s IG’s.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feeling at ease: London emcee Lil Kemzy has all the right numbers to call on ‘Comfy’

Showing that he is feeling invincible right now, Lil Kemzy flows into his own house party with his new single called ‘Comfy‘, that will have you smiling all day.

Lil Kemzy is a flamboyantly excellent South London emcee with a likable style, who makes that happy music, that fills into your lungs, automatically has you putting on sunglasses and walking outside with a style that will have you filling up your house later with lots of options.

This is the story about having so many ladies on speed dial, you might need a new phone. Single life is great and this is an emcee who raps with a towering confidence that will cause Big Ben to change the time for him, his melodies lift the mood from the gloom and into the party, with a beat that makes you nod your head and pick up the phone yourself.

Comfy‘ from stylish South London rapper Lil Kemzy, is that hot summer bounce single to be played at all the best parties, swimming pools and pumped loud in the car while you are meeting the ladies. He raps with that saucy charm that perhaps gets him into trouble sometimes, but helps him win more than lose.

When you are feeling really good, its best to try and keep that streak going as you know that rough times will enter the door at some time or another. For now though, life is where you want it to be, so why not have fun in this wild world that is mad anyway.

Stream this fly track on Spotify and see more about his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Shojon has released their salaciously smooth RnB Pop single ‘Theorem’

A trappy R&B-styled mix of pop and soul, with some delicious sampled guitar lines and a salaciously smooth vocal from South London native Shojon – from his forthcoming project ‘Greenwich Views’ – is a sleek little mid-tempo track, polished and velvety with plenty to showcase Shojon’s chilled flow and urban, emo-rap style.

Shojon’s already making waves in the South London scene, following collaborations with Lady Leshurr, Maxsta, and Nolay, a performance at the O2 Academy in Islington, and over 150k Spotify streams; now, with a concept video directed by Craig Heathcote – a man well-known for producing storytelling ‘real-life’ videos giving a voice to marginalised and LGBTQ+ communities in London. Shojon’s ‘Theorem’ takes a walk through part love-story, part mental health journey, the video itself showing a modern day cupid balancing the emotions of those he comes across on a Greenwich walk. Shojon currently works with the mental health charity Mind to raise awareness for mental health issues; ‘Theorem’ is a cracker of a track that should go a long way to doing that all by itself.

You can see the video for ‘Theorem’ on YouTube, and follow Shojon here or on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes