Chicago Singer-songwriter Jim Soule rolls in with exciting indie rock ”A New Brand of Fiction”

Forget the Days by Jim Soule

Saint Paul, Minnesota was the hometown for singer-songwriter Jim Soule and he is now based in Chicago where his music career has blossomed. He is joined currently by Mike Soule and Chad Wheeling. Together they form a formidable trio who pack the speakers with enthusiastic abandon here with their indie-rock feels.

A New Brand of Fiction” started off as a curious how much sleep will Jim get once his next kid arrives type of song. This vivid lyrics wrapped inside also speaks of a life that sometimes shows you to show more confident and learn from it. Ups and downs.

Forget The Days” is the brand new album from the legend that is Jim Soule and this is a sterling effort from the wily and wise singer-songwriter and masterful poet. This is a song that is characterized by that underdog effort inside your tired bones. Being exhausted and working all the time is now a new norm that shouldn’t be.

The band impress on this song with this strong indie-rock bluesy feel. A winning song for a society that is shouting for heroes and positive music.

Click here for the Bandcamp link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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