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The Star Prairie Project reflects 2020 with new rock song ”Frantic Mind”

The Star Prairie Project is the brainchild of Nolen Chew Jr who is a singer-songwriter from Star Prairie, Wisconsin. The main aim of this recording project is to write original songs and make them into records. Nolen collaborates with musicians and producers from LA to London to bring the songs to life.

The Star Prairie Project is named after the village of Star Prairie which is 50 miles north east of Minneapolis/St Paul and the Alan Parsons Project from back in the day.

Frantic Mind” is a powerful rock song that encapsulates the minds of most humans right now. Life is crazy at the moment.

The Star Prairie Project have strong vocals on this one and they back it up in style with a sound that is a joy to listen to. This is a proper band that rock out with speaker-busting guitar riffs and smashing drums. ”Frantic Mind” is a top track and the real lyrics makes this even better.

Stream this exciting rock track that defines 2020 here on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


NYC Rockers Rebel Kicks boot out the dust on ”Way Out”

Indie-Rock New York City band Rebel Kicks boot down the door with new track ”Way Out’‘ The words and music are by Anthony Babino & Steven Babino. Produced by Jimmy Greco & Rebel Kicks, this is the song we have been waiting for in 2020.

With a groovy beat to get the song going you just know that this is going to be a quality track. This is all about saying goodbye to that deadbeat town that offers nothing. You are in the mood to move and start afresh to travel and find a way to do things better.

Way Out” from Rebel Kicks is about moving on and the rock-filled melodies get your ears happy and get that body surely jiving along here. The feeling of moving towns can be very freeing sometimes and it can do you the wonder of good. Why stay somewhere that makes you so unhappy?

This is a fine indie-rock track with blues influences that I quite fancy. This is a rocking new song from Rebel Kicks as they make 2020 a better place to be in.

Stream this brand new rock song with lots of dancing involved right here on Soundcloud.

Facebook is the page to find out more about this awesome act.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Chicago Singer-songwriter Jim Soule rolls in with exciting indie rock ”A New Brand of Fiction”

Saint Paul, Minnesota was the hometown for singer-songwriter Jim Soule and he is now based in Chicago where his music career has blossomed. He is joined currently by Mike Soule and Chad Wheeling. Together they form a formidable trio who pack the speakers with enthusiastic abandon here with their indie-rock feels.

A New Brand of Fiction” started off as a curious how much sleep will Jim get once his next kid arrives type of song. This vivid lyrics wrapped inside also speaks of a life that sometimes shows you to show more confident and learn from it. Ups and downs.

Forget The Days” is the brand new album from the legend that is Jim Soule and this is a sterling effort from the wily and wise singer-songwriter and masterful poet. This is a song that is characterized by that underdog effort inside your tired bones. Being exhausted and working all the time is now a new norm that shouldn’t be.

The band impress on this song with this strong indie-rock bluesy feel. A winning song for a society that is shouting for heroes and positive music.

Click here for the Bandcamp link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Newcastle Rockers Indoor Kids leave no doubt to their brilliance with ”Down”

Ah yes. This is such a quality sound and they are going places. Indoor Kids have a powerful style with incredible production and the band executes the sound like no other.

Down” is just over 5 minutes and you can’t get enough. Newcastle natives Indoor Kids take us into the unknown with breath-taking precision and rock 2020 into shape with 80’s style music that is timelessly crafted for this lost generation. Get off your phone and turn this up until your speakers shake into shape.

The start of the song is a bit haunting and then we are told to settle down. The band are in control here and they are taking us into another world like Neo in The Matrix. They have built up for this moment and each member knows exactly what they need to do. This is the Champions League final and the boys are lining up for that Free Kick. My body shakes as I anticipate the next build and listen even closer. It’s not often that a band has me jamming like this. Always ready for the fight. This is an act that is breaking through to the very top and they are going to put on one heck of a show.

Taken off new album ”The Great Outdoors, Pt. 1”, ”Down” is a powerfully fused anthem and sits comfortably seated in the front row of majestic music releases from 2020.

Head to the band’s Spotify page to get this single in your head all day.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


UK Alt Indie Rock quartet SOHLER made their debut with the jaw-dropper of a single “Computer”

When was the last time you hit play on an Indie Rock track and felt genuine excitement for what was being poured into your ears? If it has been a while, indulge yourself in the electrifying ingenuity contained in the debut single Computer by Alternative artist SOHLER.

It’s even better than finding a forgotten tenner in your pocket. Because who can put a price on discovering an aural cocktail of sounds you’ve come to love from the likes of Elliott Smith, Radiohead, The Calling, Arctic Monkeys and Muse all in one tight perfectly produced package?

The progressive single kicks off with an artfully pensive Indie Rock prelude and allows the rhythmic momentum to slowly build while Wil Harvey’s sticky-sweet vocals become increasingly more adrenalizing.

Before you know it, you’re immersed in an anthemic earworm with massive Indie Rock choruses and you’ll be at the mercy of SOHLER who aren’t shy about throwing curveballs your way in the form of explosive instrumental breakdowns.

SOHLER is a rare up and coming act you can quite easily get obsessed with.

You can check out SOHLER’s single for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Keep up to date with new releases from the UK-based artist via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sleemo – Teeth Tapping: Riotously Fresh Alt Indie Rock

Up and coming UK Alt Rock artist Sleemo dropped their self-titled debut in 2019. Anyone who prides themselves in having their finger on the pulse of brand-new exciting talent will definitely want to get acquainted with it.

While each track is a hit, the perfect introduction to their riotously eclectic sound is “Teeth Tapping”. With Sleemo’s experimentation with elements of Funk, Post-Punk, and Surf Rock along with their devilish tendency to efficaciously dabble with special effects, the immersive distinction in their sound is impossible to miss.

Teeth Tapping was a track born to get sweaty and bruised in a pit to. After hearing the virtuosic nuances in the riffs and becoming enamoured by the vocals which find the perfect balance between abrasive swagger and Indie Rock charm, I definitely won’t hang around if presented with the opportunity to witness a live set from Sleemo

You can check out Sleemo’s single Teeth Tapping along with the rest of their EP via Spotify.

Keep up to date with the latest releases and tour dates from Sleemo via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Happy Freuds – Why: Reflectively Sedative Alt Indie Blues Rock

Up and coming Indie Artist Happy Freuds have released their most captivating single to date. “Why” is a stylistically moody reflectively sedative single – until the soaring, jarring guitar solo’s kick in.

It’s safe to say virtuosic licks weren’t an expectation after drinking in the dark Indie Folk Blues progressions which gently ease you into the melancholic melodies until they get richer and amplify in intensity throughout the extended track.

If you could imagine what a record would sound like if Bowie, Hendrix, and Tom Waits collaborated on it, you’ll get an idea of what to expect when you hit play on Why. Happy Freuds may have borrowed a fair few nostalgic tones, but it’s all too evident that creative ingenuity was at the heart of this mesmerising track.

You can check out the latest single from Happy Freuds by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Columbia – Fall into The Sun: Raucously Volatile Indie Rock

If you’re always on the lookout for the most viscerally explosive Indie Rock, look no further than the latest single “Fall into the Sun” from up and coming artist Columbia.

With all of the unrestrained energy of bands such as Buckcherry and the fraught Indie tones of The Kooks, Fall into the Sun is an instantly captivating hit. Those James Dean Bradfield-style relentless riffs will stay stick to my synapses for quite some time.

Columbia makes enough of an impact you may very well get to the outro feeling slightly aurally bruised for the amount of volatility found in the tensile single. If they can bring that amount of energy to a recording, I’m not going to miss any opportunities to hear them live.

You can check out Fall into the Sun for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Leo Aram-Downs – As Is: Innovatively Enamouring Indie Acoustic Pop Rock

When an artist throws as much energy into a track as Leo Aram-Downs did with their standout single “As Is”, it’s practically impossible not to become enamoured.

In a world of Ed Sheeran assimilations, it’s incredibly refreshing to hear an up and coming singer-songwriter compelled to create an innovatively distinctive hit which pushes the boundaries of sound.

Leo Aram-Downs’ rapid-fire Indie Rock vocals start off resting against a mellow Indie Acoustic Pop soundscape. Yet, As Is has plenty of seamless progressions up its aural sleeve which will catapult you into a high-octane offering of Alt Rock complete with mind-blowing guitar riffs.

You can check out As If for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Telyscopes – Monkey Beating a Bucket: Funk-Fused Chaotically Composed Alt Indie Rock

Thankfully, the Telyscopes latest single “Monkey Beating a Bucket” sounds nothing like a monkey beating a drum. Instead, the single progresses through a prelude which wouldn’t sound too dissimilar to a Dresden Dolls/Talking Heads mash up, yet once the single kicks into verse the soundscape becomes with reverberantly deep lines around crunchy and angular guitar licks which feed into the Funk grooves of the single. It is pretty rare to find an up and coming artist who shows no lack of restraint when it comes to ensuring their creative visions are expressed, whose sound doesn’t register as a novelty. The single is laced with playful enigmatic charisma, yet, the ingenuity of the soundscape goes uncompromised which may have a lot to do with the sweetly alluring style of the vocals.

You can check out the official video to Monkey Beating a Bucket by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast